Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ins and Outs

I'm sorry for my haphazard blogging this month: my poor excuse has to be that the finals, or the exam session as we call it here, has already started for me, and I'm spending more and more time pretending to memorize lectures and do coursework. Anyway...

- My skin looking much better. I can't really pinpoint the reason behind it: be it cleansing routine, diet or hormones. In any case, I'm enjoying clearer and less irritated skin and the only little cloud overshadowing my joy is that I still have some scarring left which isn't fading as fast as I'd like it to. Does anyone have any good tips to share?
- In connection with the above mentioned, tinted moisturizer. As much as I love my Revlon Colorstay, I feel as if it was suffocating my skin a bit and thus only reserve it for special occasions. Because my skin is faring quite well, I've dared into the land of tinted moisturizer and started using my sample of Clarins Hydra-Care. I love how comfortable it feels on, but the pricetag ($43) seems a bit excessive. I'm very tempted to try Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Enhancer as a cheaper alternative.
- Unofficial installment of Project Bathroom. I'm trying to use up as much as I can so I won't have to haul it with me on my travel. I'm especially happy that I still have a significant Lush stash to go through.
- The abundance of spring flowers in the house. This month's been marked by my name day, my mother's name day and Mother's Day, so we have some fresh flowers in the house all the time, not mentioning the blossoming plethora in the garden!

- Isabel Allende's "Eva Luna" and "The Stories of Eva Luna". I picked both up in an English bookstore, dumbily read the latter first, but that doesn't quite matter, they're simply fabulous books I can't put down. I had forgot how much I loved South American literature and I'm glad these two reminded me of it.
- The thought that in a month's time, I'll have been already moved to the States! I can't wait to see my husband and start a new chapter in my life.

- The weather. We had so much rain this month that the south of Poland has been flooded and the whole country is suffering the consequences. We've been quite lucky here but still, I'm so over rain and cold, we had maybe a just a couple of sunny days so far. I want to wear my summer dresses!

- Mosquitos. Pretty much self-explanatory.
- Constant headaches and fatigue. Once again, the weather's a culprit here. I've had a slight migraine for three consecutive days now.
- Trying to buy a new perfume for hubs as a gift. I really liked Kenzo Eau d'Indigo until I realized it reminded me of hot refreshing cloths used by KLM on their transatlantic flights. I just can't make up my mind. What do you like on your men, girls?


  1. Ohh I read Cuentos de Eva Luna for my final year of university - I loved the story 'Two Words' :) Beautiful. I like Jean Paul Gaultier 'Le Male' on Kiwi, and also Tom Ford 'Tobacco Vanille', but I like my men spicy and a little bit sweet.


  2. Good luck with your exams hun!! Jealous that your skin is better... mine is in a state at the moment!!

    Hope your headaches go away and that everything goes well with the move.


  3. I would recommend Calvin Klein Man or Crave, both simple and sexy. Or my fave is Davidoff Adventure which is simply divine, you should try them out if you havent already :) xx

  4. @Cami: Ooh, you read them in Spanish? How amazing... the English translation seems very good to me though! "Two Words" are a truly amazing story, I also liked "Tosca" a lot. Spicy sounds good, I like oriental notes, but I'm not sure about spicy - I'll have to check these out!

    @loveaudrey: I'm sure it's just temporary and yours will get better soon too! Thanks, sweetie :) xxx

    @Monica: I've heard a lot of good things about Davidoff, I have to try them out! Thanks for suggestions hun xxx

  5. one million by paco robanne is gorgeous :) xx

  6. Good luck with the exams!
    we also have rain EVERY single day for the last several weeks.
    When are you leaving, I really want to see you before you leave but it's not working so far :( e-mail me?

  7. I saw the flood when I was travelling from Ukraine to France, scary :(
    For my bf, I love Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermes and Emporio He by Armani, so sexy !

  8. @Sarah: I liked this one a lot in the store, but I think my man may find it too sweet! xxx

    @Marina: Thanks, sweetie! I'll email you about my travel plans for sure. xxx

    @Mademoiselle C.: I think Hermes is unavailable here, what a shame... Thanks for recommendations! xxx

  9. Have you tried the rozjasniajacy krem by Iwostin for your acne scarring? It's a lightening cream that's for hyperpigmentation and ive been using it, and it's really helping to fade my acne scars!
    I've been makeupless in front of PEOPLE :O

  10. @Binia: Hmm, this cream sounds promising, plus it must have some thermal water in it if it's from Iwostin! I haven't dared to go bare-faced yet, but who knows, maybe one day... Thanks for help, kochana! xxx

  11. I too love Isabel Allende she is my fav! I had the chance to meet her a few months back and she is inspiring! And how exciting on your upcoming move! xoxo

  12. @Taj Acosta: It must have been amazing to meet her! I'm excited for the move, but also a bit scared :) xxx