Saturday, June 5, 2010

Share the love, spread the word

Hi lovelies, I hope your Saturday was as good as mine: breakfast on the terrace, sunbathing in the garden, reading magazines and eating strawberries! Anyway, the purpose of this post is not really to brag about how nice my weekend's been so far, but to let you know about some beautiful blogs I've discovered recently. I'm sure you'll find an interesting read among these!

9to5 Chic - a fashion blog full of amazing outfit of the day posts, fashion lemmings and inspiring pieces. Anh has a style to die for, I wish I was even half as glam as she is! She has also got an enviable collection of Chanel purses and I love how beautifully she combines high end with high street clothes.

A Certain Vintage - a new blog featuring a lovely mix of everything girly: vintage beauty tips, vintage photoshoots, product reviews and quite a few red lip looks, which I'm always partial to. A must-read if you like that pin-up feel.

Beauty Mouth - beautiful reading from a third generation beauty industry insider. I just love her witty style of writing about brands, products, treatments and facials. She sets her standards very high so if she recommends something, you can rest assured it's the very best. Perfect source for insider tips and interviews with inspirational MUAs.

Musing on Beauty - glamorous home to reviews (with a pechant for foundations), favorites, hauls and faces of the day posts. I trust her opinion on products, especially that her taste seems to be similar to mine :) I'm also loving her courage to wear orange lips so stylishly, she created many a lemming in this unrepentant beauty addict!

The Beauty Bite - OMG, this girl is simply stunning. On her face, every product looks like a must-have, so no, I wouldn't recommend heading over there if you want to limit your make-up spending. I could kill for her skin. Beautifully illustrated reviews and product comparisons.

So, there you have it! Which new or not-so-new blogs would you, girls, recommend? xxx


  1. Thanks for the rec's, will check them out :) x

  2. Aww thanks you sweetie, this means a lot to me!

  3. @Laura: My pleasure :) xxx

    @Musing on Beauty: It's well deserved, hun! xxx

  4. Dziękuję tak dużo! Jest nasz Polski prawy tutaj? Jesteśmy połowa Polski oprócz nasz język nie jest odpowiednio do dużo. My just potrzebował zaprzeczyć ów jesteś wzbudzający grozę i my miłość twój blog ono oznacza dużo wobec mieć twój support.

    The Piękno Gryźć

    ps to tylko uświadomił nam, jesteś rzeczywiście polski? Jeśli nie to jesteśmy bardzo przykro jest dla idiotów! We just love writing in Polish! xxx

  5. @Kąsek Piękna: Nigdy nie widziałam jeszcze, żeby ktoś tak pisał po polsku :) Cała przyjemność po mojej stronie, zasługujecie na całe mnóstwo czytelników!

    Oh, and I think in Polish "The Beauty Bite" would be more like "Kąsek Piękna", if you ever need a Polish translation ;) xxx

  6. Thanks for recommending these blogs! :)

  7. Thanks for recommending these blogs I would love to check them out. Hope you could follow mine as well. Thanks so much! u got a new follower now

  8. Thanks so much for following, Kim! I'd check yours out too :) xxx