Saturday, April 9, 2011

Top 3 Pastel Nail Polishes for Spring

Yes, it's time to dig out those pastels again from the back of your drawer! I do like pastel colors for Spring a lot, and while they can be tricky to incorporate into an everyday make-up look, I think on the nails these fresh milky shades look good on nearly everybody.

After a lot of thinking, I've picked the following three shades to show you: Essie 'Splash of Grenadine' from Resort Collection for Summer 2010, ChinaGlaze 'Lemon Fizz' from the 'Up and Away' for Spring 2010 and again Essie 'Van D'Go' from Art of Spring 2010 Collection. Yes, all of these are last year's, but 1) the trends haven't changed that much since last year, 2) you can get them for a lot cheaper online than the current collections.

Splash of Grenadine is a light pink purple, which almost looks a bit Barbie doll on me but is just short of being tacky. Probably the most girly shade in my collection. This is 2 coats with a layer of top coat, no problems during application. I like Essie's brush a lot for my nails, it's skinny enough to get near the cuticle on the sides and allows for more precision.

Lemon Fizz is a gorgeous cool pastel yellow - much cooler and whiter than an actual lemon. It pops out a lot against my pale pinkish skin. This was a bit harder to apply with 3 coats, but still very decent for such a light shade.

Van D'Go is a very light milky peach/ salmon pink. It almost looks very mod on me; it's bright, but not to the point of being the centre of attention. The shade also feels very romantic and feminine and would look gorgeous paired with a flowery top and grey flowy scarf, which I accidentally have in my Spring wardrobe. I've read some very bad reviews on the formula; my bottle however must be a good one, since I only needed 2 coats and haven't noticed any patchiness or streaking. Overall, my absolute favorite of the bunch.

What are your favorite pastel polishes for the Spring?


  1. WOW!! Love these shades. the last one is so pretty :)

  2. Splash of Grenadine is really nice, I might have a scout around on ebay for that. Definitely perfect for this time of year.
    Jane x

  3. Oh my gosh Van D'Go is absolutley gorgeous!! I actually almost purchased it once and put it back- now I am kicking myself big time!!!

  4. I really loved the 1st and last! they look so american 50's :D
    I usually choose the same brand: risquè, for all my colors (well, I don't wear nailpolish with strong colours that often).HAve you tried this brand?

  5. These are pretty pastels, thanks for the pictures.:D

    I don't have a favorite but I do like lilacs and lavenders.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. I might have to search for Lemon Fizz....I've been wanting that type of shade since last year.

  7. I've yet to try my Lemon Fizz, but Splash of Grenadine is calling to me. It definitely does not look tacky on you at all--it's so flattering!