Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Beauty Blogger's Code of Conduct

In over two years of blogging, I've always been following my inner compass when it comes to what is acceptable and respectable in the beauty blogging world. I know this is a very personal matter and what I find dubious may seem crystal clear to you, but I just thought I could throw in my two cents here and let you know my thoughts.

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1. Respect your readers. What I mean is that my priority will always be to you, which is why I will not join any affiliate programs or do sponsored posts on here, and I will always let you know whenever I accept products for review consideration. Additionally, I always strive for the best possible quality on my blog and will continue on improving the content, so that you'll be able to enjoy it even more!

2. Be faithful to yourself. I blog equally for myself as I do for you, and I will always post only what I feel like posting; I won't let either brands or popularity affect my writing. I accept that my readers might not find all my posts equally interesting, but I enjoy writing them all the same!

3. Don't (over)promote. I will never organize a giveaway on my blog aimed at increasing the number of readers, nor will I leave links to the website on other people's blogs. For this reason, I've debated joining Twitter for the longest time, but now really like it for the opportunity to keep in touch with my blog friends and readers. I feel that if someone would like to look for my blog, there is plenty of ways to find it without me needing to advertise my little blogging space.

4. Give back. Whenever I start watching the numbers of followers too closely, I go look for some new blogs to follow myself. Whenever I feel like my readers are being a bit silent on the comment front, I go leave some comments on my favorite blogs. Blogging is a community, and giving back is a must!

5. Support newbies. I probably do not share the love on the blog as often as I should, but I try to support newly founded blogs by following and commenting and helping with any questions they might have. I often feel like beauty blogging community is a bit like high school, where the elite is given all the attention and the outcasts are waiting to be heard. I do my best not to contribute to that status quo myself.

Pfff, here you have! I'm feeling a little bit like a Knight of the Order of the Garter by now with my Honi soit qui mal y pense attitude... What are the rules on your beauty blogger's code of conduct?


  1. This is such a great post! I've just come back from a very LONG break from blogging. Prior to that, I hadn't been blogging for very long anyway, so I hadnt/haven't established any rules, but I guess if I did have any, they would be very similar, if not the same as yours.

  2. This is a wonderful post! I really believe in everything you've stated here, and I try to blog the same way, especially the part about remaining faithful to yourself and respecting your audience. So very important.

  3. You make some really good points here! I admit I do look at my follower count very often and I'm very excited when I get a few new followers but I'm more excited when I get comments and feedback from people. I really like finding new blogs to read and it's nice to establish some sort of blogging friendship with others :)

    I can't agree more with your third point. It absolutely drives me crazy when people comment on my post and ask to be friends. They may just be being polite but if if I ignore your request once, it should tell you enough.

    Anyways, this post reminds me why I love blogging in the first place so thankyou :)

  4. That is an amazing post! I also feel like the beauty blogging community is like high school, and it makes me sad ):

  5. I'm quite new to blogging so I'm glad that you posted this! I've only done a few posts and I only have a few followers so it's great to get advice from somebody who has been around for a while!

    A Porcelain Doll xo

  6. @Jackee: I hope it's good to be back! I'm glad you feel similar :)

    @cait: I think people sometimes forget that a blog is essentialy their space, and burn out easily that way.

    @AngelicBetrayal: I do look at my follower count too and it makes me so happy to see some new faces! But whenever I feel not appreciated enough, I go show some love to other people, and it does come back to me :)

    @GABY: I often feel like I'm still in high school when I look at the beauty blogging community - but then, there are some wonderful people out there, and I think the community will be changing because of them.

    @Shai: I'm glad it's helpful... and welcome to blogging! :) x

  7. I think, You just shoot Your chances to get to the elite;). But this post made me click the "follow" button :)

  8. @Annathea: I guess I've always been an outsider :) And I'm happy that you liked this post! x

  9. Some very interesting points here! I'm not a beauty blogger but they can be applied to any form of blogging I think. It's important to always remember that once you had zero followers too.

  10. great post rocaille, and great mention of how it sometimes feels like high school! Ah people, but yes you are right it is worth it for all the lovely people you can meet via blogging and the positivity you can share.
    Well said, I need to think about my rules of conduct but I think (hope) they are much the same!

  11. @Helen: You're right, I guess these rules are more universal - I just feel that some of the things I noticed happening are especially true among beauty bloggers because of how much brands interact with us.

    @A Certain Vintage: Thank you, lovely! Oh, it's definitely worth it, I don't think I'll ever be able to stop! x

  12. Hello! Found via a comment on The Nail Buff so comments definitely work!

    My rules are; I blog about what I like, I engage with lots of different bloggers and make time to leave comments on a regular basis, I don't get involved in any of the bitchyness that goes about, I keep it fun, and I guest blog so that it gives me a break from my usual audience. I still have a lot to learn even though I've been blogging consistently for over a year but it's fun journey.

    There are a few bloggers out there who are bitchy and horrible yet they still have loads of followers go figure!