Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hauling in Warsaw: Nail Polish

The last part to my little Hauling in Warsaw series... But don't be sad, my dears, of course I picked up some things in California and I promise to show and tell :) Now, onto the nail polish goodness: many Polish cosmetics brands make fabulous and cheap polishes, and I couldn't resist getting some of the old favorites and trying out new ones. What I noticed this time is that Polish brands are really on top of their game, releasing trendy shades just as fast as American brands, and I haven't seen that before!

In the photo we have: 1 Inglot Nail Enamel, 2 Vipera Jumpy Nail Polishes, 2 Wibo polishes from 2 different lines and 1 Essence polish (it's a German grand, btw) which was accompanied by a teal glitter top coat, but I only grabbed the base color.

I've already used 4 of them and only didn't like Wibo Express Growth polish no. 328 (apricot) in terms of application: it was thick, bubbly and streaky, but I used it in a very hot weather and think it deserves another chance.

Just look at that shimmery gorgeousness! These mini Vipera polishes in no.145 (purple with blue duochrome) and no.120 (emerald green) were around 4 PLN each ($1.5) and their only fault is that ridiculous name. I feel like half the time Polish cosmetic companies use English names just because they like the sound of it, without knowing what they actually mean. Anyway, I've only tried the emerald green flecks so far, looked great in 2 coats and lasted pretty well too.

Onto the metallic goodness... I got Inglot no.962 (metallic grey with a hint of purple) still having in mind that Les Perles de Chanel collection from spring this year; I've got Revlon Black With Envy to dupe the Black Pearl, and I remember there being another lighter grey pearl in the eyeshadow palette that I thought would look great on the nails in the fall/winter season. The Wibo Extreme Nails no.99 is a winner in terms of ease of application (flat brush) and longevity; I had it on my nails for 10 days (sic!) and while it wore out at the tips, it still looked pretty decent. It's a rather interesting shade, with tiny flecks of silver glimmer and bigger ones of copper shimmer.

Let me know if you want to see any of those up-close on my nails. What polishes have you been hauling lately - bright summer shades or darker fall ones?


  1. GORGEOUS colors! I love each and every one of them!

    Weirdly, I've been hauling a lot of Spring colors lately. Lots of pastels. I still have yet to wear any neons or brights this summer!

  2. @Natalie: Hahah, I still love my pastel yellows as well, but also been wearing some fall/winter shades!

  3. Great assortment of shades :) The Inglot nail polish looks the most appealing to me and the green polish looks like it'd be nice for the holidays! I don't haul many nail polishes at once since they take awhile to go through. I have a good number of polishes for fall/winter so I've been buying more spring/summer brights lately.

  4. I have weird (which sounds totally normal to me) habit of only buy nail polish when it's really really cheap, since I don't use any shade at the expended period of time...Now I just ended up with quite a few deep, vampy ones from various sales/clearance baskets.

  5. Fantastic blog, follow you;)

  6. I love the Jumpy shade! You got a new follower :)
    I would like to also invite you to participate in my Hold Me Traveling Vanity beauty Case Giveaway. There is a video on my blog where you can view the prize. Hope to see you soon and thanks! XOXO

  7. @AngelicBetrayal: Contrarily to you, I had many summery polishes from last year, but not that many fall ones and they've kind of started tempting me :)

    @Citrine: Love those vampy shades, especially against pale skin! I'm not that pale now, but should fade some into the fall months... I have to look at the clearance baskets!

    @Art Anna: I'm so happy, thank you, lovely!

    @Venus in Virgo: Thanks so much, dear! I'll check out your giveaway asap. x

  8. Those Jumpy polishes look amazing!