Monday, October 8, 2012

Empties Galore & A Few Honorable Mentions

These past few months I've been making a concentrated effort to downsize my collection of beauty products; the amount of things I have hidden in various drawers, boxes and baskets has started to feel more like a burden than a proud collection. I'm very happy to see a lot of them finally used up and gone - it felt awesome to get rid of that mound of beauty trash! As you can see below, there are so many products here that it'd be ridiculous to try and even give a brief review to each and every one, so instead I'm just going to focus on a couple of honorable mentions.
Haircare. So far, the Healthy Sexy Hair Beach Spray is my favorite sea salt spray of the ones I've tried but I would mostly recommend it to gals with fine, silky mane like myself. It gives a lot of grip/texture to the hair and a very matte finish, so perfect for disguising slightly oily roots.
Skincare. I've gone a bit crazy on the eye creams and the front runner is definitely the Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen. It's very light yet moisturizing, doesn't ball up under make-up and has a nice cooling effect that I especially appreciated in the mornings.
Make-up. The Rimmel lipgloss and GOSH Darling lipstick were only half-used but these colors really do not work on me, regardless of what I do. I did like CoverGirl Professional All-in-One mascara in terms of the look on my lashes however it dried up pretty fast and started to flake. Still looking for my HG mascara!
Bodycare and nails. I very much enjoyed and already repurchased the Shikai All Natural Moisturizing Shower Gel in the Coconut scent (I now use the Vanilla) and Haus of Gloi Elevenses Pumpkin Butter (switched to Vice); weirdly enough, my husband used up the bulk of the Haus body butter and is probably half-way through the new one - he says he enjoys 'smelling like a cookie'. Well, I might have overshared here :) NailTek Foundation II is good, if you're wondering, but I might like the OPI Nail Envy a smidge better.

The Round-up:
5 tossed/ half-used
5 sachets/ foil packet samples (not pictured)
7 deluxe samples
15 full size products (including 2 bars of soap, not pictured)
Total: 32 empties for June - September

I'm already excited to add more products to a fresh empties pile! How are you doing on the empties front? Any success in downsizing the beauty stash?


  1. woo good work! that is a good set number of things used up. i have never tried nailtek but i recently bought opi nail envy so i will use that up first and see how i feel before venturing out.

  2. That is a ton load of empties! That covergirl mascara was my first mascara ever, ages ago! I

  3. Oh my, I love gosh darling color! :)
    However I hate how it sinks in the lips.

    1. I used to wear it a lot too, I think I went through maybe half of the tube. It gives me dead lips though!

  4. Hahaha that's awesome--it takes a real man who will admit to enjoying smelling like a cookie :P

  5. Great empties :) The Healthy Sexy Hair products look really interesting to me and I wonder how my hair would look after a sea salt mist but I don't have particularly fine hair. I'm super curious about Haus of Gloi as well and it's funny you say your husband is a fan! I always delight in testing some products on my boyfriend and if he enjoys it, then it must be a winner! Congrats on finishing that ELF lipgloss. I'm trying to use one of mine up and it is NOT going away >.<

  6. You are so on point - all of the beauty bits & bobs laying around do feel more like a burden than a proud collection :(
    I am motivated once again to de-stash. Crap be gone!
    Also, LOL @ your husband!