Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spring Metallics with Inglot Noble Collection Eyeshadows

I know, I know - what spring, right? Bellevue is shrouded in a freezing, wet, grey fog today, which certainly doesn't put me in a spring mood; but what better way to contradict the weather than by swatching some pretty metallic eyeshadows!
As you might know from my last haul post, I've purchased 4 new Inglot Freedom System eyeshadows recently: no. 152 and no. 153, two metallics from Inglot's new Noble Collection (which has been available in the US since November), and no. 344 and 414 from the permanent line. Metallics on the eyes were all the rage on the S/S 2013 runways, including a beautiful platinum look from Chanel that I've decided to emulate for everyday wear with my Inglot eyeshadow no. 152. But let's not get away of ourselves, swatches first!
As you can see in the close-ups, no. 414 Pearl is a deep, emerald forest green with good pigmentation and even texture (swatches show 2 swipes on bare skin). No. 344 is a matte purpley brown, the usual soft, creamy texture of Inglot mattes, again swatched with 2 swipes. Now, both no. 152 and 153 AMC Shine are a different story; they're better than usual Inglot quality, if that's even possible. They're the creamiest, most pigmented shadows I've come across recently and an absolute dream to apply - swatched here with just one swipe. They translate into a gorgeously intense, metallic look on the lid with little to no effort. Simply fantastic! No. 152 is a strange beast: a warmer platinum in some lights, a bluish silver in others. No. 153 is a true metallic taupe with a slightly golden sheen.
I chose to wear my platinum eyeshadow with a light slick of black eyeliner on the top lashline and a bit of a tight-lining to stop it from overwhelming the eye. For the rest of the face, I used Face Atelier Ultra foundation in Porcelain as my base and blended a bit of Stila Lillium Convertible Color on my cheeks. I won't mention the lip product as I really wasn't happy with the choice.
All in all, I really recommend checking out Inglot's Noble collection, as the eyeshadows are absolutely stunning and a fantastic quality. Have you tried wearing the new metallic trend yet? Any favorite metallics worth looking into?


  1. I'm smitten with Inglot. I just wish I had access to them so I could swatch them in person - the internet is limited in swatches and the coding system is so confusing.

    The colors you picked out are gorgeous - I especially love the green! I don't usually like greens but it's stunning when swatched!

    1. I know, I so wish they would come up with names for their shadows! Thank you dear, I've been getting into greens a lot more lately :)

  2. Gorgeous makeup! I am girl crushing hard, Monika. :)

  3. 152 and 153 are so pretty! Your EOTD is so gorgeous. The quality of these Inglot shadows look amazing...

  4. These look SO gorgeous--seriously they look ultra smooth and pigmented! And the colors...I am swooning hard over here! I like that the 2 Shine shadows are metallic but in a softer, more wearable way. To be honest, I don't like most of the metallic shadows out there--the ones like the Infallibles. I find they a bit too heavy looking and opaque for my taste. These are much more up my alley :)

  5. You have such a great taste, Monika. They're gorgeous! Maybe it's a sign of things to come but I'm really liking the look of that green shade especially. :D

  6. I love 414 and 152! Will definitely order some from my friend in Poland. :D Thanks for the swatches!

  7. 153 is calling my name! I love Taupes!!