Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: Elemental Herbology Purify & Soothe Cleansing Balm

I'm sure by know you all know I'm a big proponent of non-foaming cleansers (like the previously reviewed Clarins Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream or REN ClearCalm Claryfing Clay Cleanser), especially of the balm variety. A good couple months ago a new one came on my radar, the Elemental Herbology Purify & Soothe Facial Cleansing Balm ($46 for 2.5 fl oz on beautybar.com), a deliciously thick, fragrant example of what I like in my cleansers from an up-and-coming natural British brand.
The Elemental Herbology cleanser comes in an esthetically pleasing matte white tube with a screw on top, and once squeezed out, lookes like a thick, oily salve in a suspicious yellow/brown color. Once warmed up with fingers, it liquifies into a viscous oil which is easy to spread on the face, and smells strongly of Angelica and some other herbs; as far as I can remember, Angelica does wonders for dehydrated skin, so a big plus for me here.

I use about hazelnut size dollop of the balm and massage it vigorously into dry skin after getting rid of most of my make-up with a separate remover; I'm only using this as a second cleanse so I can't vouch for its make-up removing properties. Also, I don't use it on my eyelids, although I have used it very close to the eye area and haven't noticed any irritation. It feels pleasant and nourishing on the skin and wipes off easily with a hot flannel, leaving no greasy residue but only clean, glowy skin.
I've been using the Elemental Herbology Purify & Soothe for about a week now and overall I'm really happy with its performance - my skin feels properly cleansed but doesn't get very red in the process, and the action of massaging the balm into the skin helps me to get rid of any dry flakes. I do however question the price point; as you can see below, in comparison to my hand, the tube is rather small and probably won't last very long. Would I purchase it again at the full price of $46? Probably not. The quest is not over yet.
Have you ever tried cleansing balms or do you use non-foaming cleansers? Which ones are your favorites?


  1. Hey Monika, I have a sample-size tube of this one and I like it! I probably still prefer Pai and Omorovicza ones, but this one is pretty good as well! I'm still trying some other sample tubes I have from this brand and who knows? Maybe I'll find an HG there! It does look like a very promising brand in general.

  2. Wow, I stopped using Shiseido White Lucent (which actually works fading my acne marks) because they raise the price from 33 to 35 but this is even harder to swallow...At least it works well for you.

    For non-foaming one, I just found a newly (seemly reformulated) burt's bees radiance cleanser (with fragrance much lower in the ingredient list) and I will be buying that next. It was my favorite non-foaming one but I just couldn't take the strong smell it had.

  3. i'm quite curious about this brand but haven't had the opportunity to try it. one of these days, I will have to!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Monika! I actually visited your blog today to look up your review of the Clarins cleansing balm - I knew you had reviewed it, and as I am searching for a cleansing oil or balm wanted to re-read the review, and then I saw you have just reviewed a new one! :-).

    This one sounds lovely, but you are right, it is quite expensive. In fact my favorite cleanser is Tatcha cleansing oil, but at $48 a (small) bottle it is too expensive, so I'm looking for a more affordable alternative.
    So many cleansing oils are drying so I thought a balm may be better. I bought the old school Pond's cleansing cream to try, so I'll see how I like that.

    I'm going to get a sample of the Clarins cleansing balm, thanks for suggesting it!

  5. Hey Monika, does this cleansing balm emulsify and rinse off clean?

    1. It doesn't emulsify but when I remove it with a hot washcloth, I don't get any residue :)

  6. Too bad this one is expensive (and maybe not as readily available in the U.S.) otherwise it would have been a good choice! My fave non-foaming cleanser so far is from Paula's Choice, Boots no 7 makes several good ones, too (incl cleansing balm that I use), and REN clay. I used to use one from Avene, somehow I've abandoned it not sure why but I think it is still a good option.