Monday, May 6, 2013

Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

As some of you fellow polish fanatics may know, Zoya was offering their annual Nail Polish Exchange deal in honor of Earth Day a couple weeks ago, and I just could not stop myself from getting some new lacquers (just $4 each!), especially that previously I'd only had 2 of their bottles in my collection. Well, and since they're just too pretty, I just had to share with you.

 The minimum order requirement for the Exchange was 6 bottles, so I purchased (clockwise from top): Aurora, Jem, Kimber, FeiFei, Wednesday and Julie. I think I did quite a good job picking out shades that suit my preferences but I have to say that I expected Wednesday to be a bit bluer and in fact it's a pure medium mint green. Below is a look at my entire Zoya collection with added Pandora and Jules in the bottom left corner.
Now, for the polishes that I exchanged the Zoyas for... it's a motley bunch, with mostly drugstore. Instead of shipping the rejects back to Zoya, I decided to save on postal fees and just give my old polishes away to friends. I got rid of 3 Sinful Colors polishes in Hot & Sour, Aqua and Cinderella, a discontinued OPI in Panda-monium Pink!, an Essie in Demure Vixen, one Essence polish, one polish from Joko (a Polish brand) and one Petites polish in Passion Orange. I haven't worn any of these polishes in a very long time and decided that overall, I wasn't a fan of how they looked against my skintone.
As a little extra, here's how Zoya Julie looks on my nails - very soft and feminine, no? My weeding out of old unloved polishes has been rewarded not only with a lovely bunch of new shades but also an incentive at work by which I'm able to score some free OPIs of my choice, so watch out for some more nail polish related posts. Out with the old, in with the new!

Have you bought any new polishes lately? What are you wearing on your nails right now?


  1. OMG SO pretty! I am LOVING Aurora, FeiFei and Wednesday! I actually don't own ANY Zoya polishes. I've tried them before though and really loved them. Really need to get my collection going--I always love their shades so much! :D

  2. Great picks! I have Julie and Wednesday and I loooove Julie so, so much. Aurora and FeiFei are on my wishlist :) I probably shouldn't rush out to pick them up anytime soon since I have way too many polishes though!

  3. Zoya Julie is sooooo pretty *tries to remember I really don't need any more nail varnishes* Sigh! :) xx

  4. I *just* tried Aurora out today and it is utter perfection!

  5. On my wishlist:

    Essie (bikini so teeny) & Dior (Nail glow)