Friday, September 19, 2014

Beauty Product Empties: 3rd Quarter 2014

It's hard to believe we're now almost into the last quarter of the year; I'm saying this not to bore you with the usual surprise at the inevitable passage of time, but rather the change of heart from when I first embarked on my stash downsizing project at the beginning of the year. In January, the challenge loomed ahead like a great commitment and immediately caused nervous doubts of the 'Can I do this?!' variety, but now it has come to feel almost like second nature; it feels good to throw away more than to buy. And it feels really, really good to enjoy using fantastic products I had stashed away as multiple back-ups, and then buy new things only when the old ones run out. Simple, right? ;)
The reason I'm doing the empties round-up a little bit early is because I've had so many that they started spilling from the bag and overtaking our apartment (well, that is a *slight* exaggerration, but I do dislike clutter). Because of the amount of products and your comments after my last empties post, I'm continuing with the same mini review format.
Bodycare and perfume. Some progress in using up my collection of bar soaps, and a big achievement by way of finishing a small bottle of L'Occitane Rose et Reines EDT. I'm hoping to use up one more full-sized bottle of perfume by the end of the year, and continue downsizing my collection of fragrance minis.
Products I disliked and wouldn't repurchase: The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt (scent was meh, not enough bubbles), Sande Cocoa Mint bar soap and Archipelago Pomegranate bar soap.
Products I enjoyed, but I'm trying out other things: Neom Three Nights of Peace Bath Oils (reviewed here, loved it but it's a bit pricey to indulge in on a regular basis), The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream, L'Occitane Rose et Reines Eau de Toilette.
Products I would repurchase (but am probably trying out other things too): The Body Shop Body Butter in Brazilian Nut, Haus of Gloi Bubbling Scrub in Plotter's Breakfast (my HG body scrub formula but this scent wasn't my favorite).
Haircare - not a lot of progress for now, but I'm very nearly out of both shampoo and conditioner, as well as dry shampoo, all of which you'll see in my next empties post. I wouldn't repurchase either of these products, and while KMS Sea Salt Spray and Redken Powder Refresh Dry Shampoo were decent but not spectacular, I absolutely hated Pureology's Radiance Amplifier (a shine mist): it managed to be both greasy and drying at the same time, and smelt atrocious.
Skincare - so many things running out at the same time! But fear not, of course I had multiple back-ups waiting to be used, so no new purchases were made. I've linked reviews here for you in case you're curious, as most of these things deserved a post of their own.
Products I disliked and wouldn't repurchase: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate - tossed, check out Larie's mini review here; in short, it contains plastic micro beads that end up polluting the Great Lakes, and I have no interest in using or ever purchasing a scrub that's harmful to the environment.
Products I enjoyed, but I'm trying out other things: Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey (used as a cleanser and a mask, reviewed here), Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water, Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion (reviewed here), Murad Essential-C Night Moisture (mentioned here), Murad Renewing Eye Cream (review and comparison of different Murad eye creams here), Osmia Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair (reviewed here).
Products I would repurchase (but am probably trying out other things too): TATCHA One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil (reviewed here), Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (mentioned here and here).
Make-up! Is this what you've all been waiting for?
Products I disliked and wouldn't repurchase: Everyday Minerals Jojoba Base (tossing, mentioned here), Benefit They're Real mascara, fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Honey (tossing because it's turned, but the shade is also wrong on me. I do like Rose and Passion though), bareMinerals Original Foundation deluxe sample (I much prefer Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder SPF 15 for a mineral foundation).
Products I enjoyed, but I'm trying out other things: Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Slippin n' Dippin (dried out, I liked the shade okay), Gosh Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil in Black Ink (there are better black eyeliners out there).

Now, for a plethora of sample packets: you can read my detailed review of Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule and First Treatment Essence here, the various Asian sheet masks are reviewed here, and my overview of exfoliating pads can be found here. Most of these samples were pretty unremarkable, although I do have a full size of L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - I'm quite unsure whether it's worth the rather high price tag, as it does very little when my hands are suffering from eczema flare-ups.

Well, that's a lot of empty containers headed for the trash can, which makes me quite happy indeed. Have you been using up or stocking up on more products recently?


  1. Thanks for the link love, Monika :) So many things! Woohoo! I'm trying to be better about not buying replacements/back-ups until absolutely necessary, as I hate clutter, too, and I tend to be overzealous about estimating replacement times and then products sit around for a longer time than they should.

    1. I'm the same - I tend to think I'll finish something within the next two weeks so I buy a back-up, and the the two weeks turn into two months... :/

  2. I used up my staple serum (Estee Lauder ANR) and had to repurchase - that and the ANR eye cream. I still have a few serums lying around but I can't live without the ANR. LOL! I've been using up skincare like crazy, but I also tossed out a few old makeup which was painful but satisfying at the same time. It's year end already!! Time really flies!! In 2 months, I'll have my 3rd baby in my arms. OMG, I need to breathe...

    1. It's crazy how time flies and how close you now are to your delivery date! Keeping you and the baby in my thoughts, Lily :) I tried a deluxe sample of the old formula of Estee Lauder ANR and really liked it. It's really satisfying to toss out old make-up, isn't it? Making room for new pretties... :D

  3. Wow, so impressed with how many empties you have! I have been keeping mine it a bag for a while, I think I have a few months worth at this point, I just have been bad at blogging and not gotten around to it. I need to work on it for the end of this month!

  4. Oh my god, I haven't had an empty in the longest time -- I don't know if it's because I'm not trying enough things or I'm trying too many things, but I can't remember the last product I finished.

    And your empties! Your empties are NOT helping. I'm never going to finish anything if you keep tempting me into trying new things instead! :P