Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lip & Cheek... Oil? Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Color Duo

So, that YSL Tint-in-Oil everyone's been raving about? Seems like Josie Maran was there first with her Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oils ($18 for 15ml/ 0.5 fl oz or $16 for 2 x 5ml/ 0.16 fl oz); my best friend is a big fan of these and she recently gifted me the Infinitely Argan Lip & Cheek Cream Color Duo, which comes with minis of the shades Timeless Coral and Everlasting Honey.
I'd actually tried a colorless version of this product shortly before receiving these (mentioned in my January Favorites), and loved it especially as a cuticle treatment, so I was curious to see how this texture would work on the lips and cheeks. The 'Creamy Oil' formula is basically a balm that melts into an oil with the warmth of your skin, and these little tubes contain a lot of natural moisturizing oils and waxes: castor oil, argan oil, rapeseed oil copolymer, as well as beeswax, mimosa and sunflower waxes. I was curious so I checked whether my clear Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil had a similar ingredients list since the texture is nearly identical to the tinted version, but it's actually quite a bit different: there's even more nourishing oils as well as shea and mango butter in that one.
I was surprised by how pigmented these are; sure, they're not fully opaque, but for my cheeks, I only need the smallest dab to get a burst of color. Timeless Coral is a hot pink coral on my fair skin, while Everlasting Honey is a more subdued reddish rose. Both look very pretty on and should suit a variety of skintones; Timeless Coral is a bit more brightening, Everlasting Honey a bit more nude. These have a delicious orange creamsicle scent from orange and tangerine peel essential oils, and for some reason, actually taste sweet when you're wearing them on your lips.
Timeless Coral, Everlasting Honey in full sunlight (see the clear oil on the sides of the second swatch?)
I've been testing these on and off for at least a month now, and my overall feelings are still a bit conflicted. You guys, I'm just not completely sure how I feel about actual oil texture on my cheeks and lips. These Creamy Oils feel like blending a lipgloss over your cheeks. While they're easy to apply evenly and last pretty well on them apples, they definitely remain glossy and tacky throughout the day - so I imagine if you wiped your face on a scarf/shirt or rested your cheek on something, most of the color would rub off. My other gripe with the formula is that sometimes, especially if you haven't used these for a while, they tend to separate into clear oil and concentrated color in the tube. My tube of Timeless Coral also has weird little balls here and there when I squeeze it out.
Wearing Timeless Coral on lips and cheeks.
For the lips, I really enjoy the juicy, glossy look they give my pout when I first apply the product. However, they don't last at all - I think most of the oil gets absorbed into my lips, but drinking or eating anything absolutely obliterates any traces I may have had left. The texture of the oil is quite thin, so they don't glide over or conceal any flakes or dry patches. I'm sure this formula is moisturizing for my skin; except, maybe not enough for my lips, and as for the cheeks... I don't know if I actually want any additional moisture in my blush? But man, are they glowy. Can you see that?
Wearing Everlasting Honey on lips and cheeks.
I still do enjoy using my little duo; I think they're fantastic for a natural, luminous look, especially in the winter months when your skin may benefit from some extra nourishment and glow. I would recommend trying them on the cheeks if you have a dry skintype and powder blushes and/or highlighters tend to look a bit cakey on your skin. However, for me, I need to apply the glow a bit more judiciously, and probably file these away during the hot and humid New York summer.

Have you tried any of the new 'oil' make-up formulas? What is your favorite Josie Maran product?


  1. I bought this duo late last year after trying Josie Maran's holiday cosmetics set. I fell in love with the formula and wanted it in other colors; I am quite pale also and felt I'd never use up the full sized tubes, so I was really excited to get this duo. My big issue was that the colors had already separated when I bought them (Everlasting Honey being the worst). I ended up returning them to Sephora, sadly. I have thought about buying a big tube of Timeless Coral because the color was just so freakin pretty, but the thought of getting another bad batch stops me. I still have my Limitless Pink from the holiday set & have had no issues to date, so maybe it's only a problem with certain colors?

  2. Everlasting Honey is so pretty on you! Yeah, I think I'd like these for lips, but not so much for cheeks. I remember when they came out and thought that they didn't really set too. But they look so pretty on your lips!

  3. Interesting products. I don't think I'd like them on the cheeks x

  4. Everlasting Honey is super pretty, but the formula just doesn't seem like it would be pleasant on the cheeks at all! I am imagining a sticky cheek and I have the terrible habit of leaning on my hands so I just know it would transfer off quickly! I have looked at some of the Josie Maran products instore but it all seemed a bit too sheer for my liking, but definitely still beautiful.

  5. Pretty! So soft and subtle, I love both shades.

  6. I'm always so tempted by these in the check out snake aisle of doom...after your review I definitely will pass!