Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Favorites Tag

I find it amusing that I've had three labels here on my blog for years that come together pefectly to make up the name of this tag :) It's been making rounds on YouTube for a couple weeks now, and I had actually been planning to write a general lifestyle post about my current favorites (which are definitely influenced by the seasonal change), so I just decided to do it in this format. Keep reading to find out if I tagged you at the end of the post!
We live in a one bedroom apartment so there isn't a whole lot of space to go all out with seasonal decor, but I put together this little centerpiece with a small pumpkin and some maple leaves I've had for a long time, which I also use as a background for my blog photos.
1. Favorite Candle
Without a doubt and for at least second year running, the Bath and Body Works Marshamallow Fireside. It's just the perfect blend of sweet carmelized marshmallow orbs contrasted with a warm, smokey, woodsy background. I find a lot of BBW candles very overwhelming and get tired of the scent quickly, but this is just delicious. Every. Single. Time.
2. Favorite Lip Color
I've been really enjoying my berry pink Inglot Gel lipstick no. 58 that's in my Project Make A Dent this year. When I picked it out before the Project's beginning, I was already expecting that I'd primarly want to wear it in the fall and winter, and that's exactly what's happened. I sometimes just pat a very thin layer with my finger for that stained look, sometimes wear it full-on, sometimes pair it with a darker lip liner (shown here) or Revlon Back Cherry for a deeper, more vampy look.
3. Favorite Drink
I haven't had a Starbucks latte in over two years, I think, so no PSL for me - I don't rate Starbucks coffee at all. Our rediscovered favorite this season is Adagio's Thai Chai flavored black tea with just a small teaspoon of sugar and soy milk. It's both refreshing and creamy, with lemongrass, ginger and lots of coconut. Both me and the husband often make it in the morning and take it to go in our insulated Klean Kanteen bottles/ thermoses.
4. Favorite Blush
My perennial favorite is NARS Sin, but I've been more focused on rotating through my less used blushes recently and trying to weed out the ones I don't like as much anymore. For a warmer-toned blush, I also really like NYX Powder Blush in Mauve.
5. Favorite Clothing Item
Well, I've obviously dug out my thicker sweaters and scarves now, and even had to pull out my winter coat this past weekend, but one of the newest items in my wardrobe is this little leather crossbody my brother got for me during our Tuscany trip. It's a very simple shape and doesn't fit much (my iPhone 6 Plus barely fits, and I can't carry a wallet, just cash and cards), but I'm a huge fan of the classic feel and the cognac color.
6. Favorite Fall Movie
I don't really rewatch any movies seasonally, but I sure love Hocus Pocus for Halloween, even if it's the most predictable answer on the planet.

7. Favorite Fall TV Show
Okay, you guys are going to laugh, but we recently started watching iZombie on Netflix, and you know what? It's not bad. Sure, the premise is ridiculous and the plot doesn't hold in many spots, but it's actually pretty funny, and I love the realistic attention to detail: in one episode, the main character turns into this hacker/ gamer persona, and her entire apartment is littered with Dorito bags and Sprite cans, which apparently (husband told me) are the proverbial gaming snacks. Other than that, we've also been watching The Voice, although we couldn't stand the frequent commercial breaks on the free version of Hulu anymore, and subscribed for the commercial-free plan - which makes for a MUCH improved viewing experience.

8. Favorite Thanksgiving Food
Being born and raised in Poland, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. I even tried cooking 'Thanksigving-inspired' food a couple years ago, but since I've actually never participated in a real Thanksgiving feast, I don't know what it's supposed to taste like. I do however have a few dishes in my repertoire that I always make in the fall, like a creamy pumpkin soup with lots of cumin (or any other spicy soup - love hot soups in the cold season!), or the Polish apple pie called szarlotka, with cinnamon, meringue and crumble on top.

9. Favorite Halloween Costume
Again, I'm not into celebrating Halloween at all, it's not a traditional Polish holiday, although it is becoming increasingly popular with how prevalent American culture is all over the world. The one year we dressed up for a Halloween party as a Mad Hatter and Alice (click here for photos), our friends had no clue who we were supposed to be. Big fail. But I'll probably paint my nails a very dark vampy shade and top with some glitter for a festive look!
10. Added in by yours truly: Favorite Perfume
I mean, the question about favorite fall perfume clearly must have been omitted by accident. My last year's cold season favorite was Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan, which I received in the full size for Christmas - and I still love that heavy, warm, jammy oriental. But when we visited Lucca in mid-September, I noticed a cute apothecary shop (Erborista) in one of the city's beautiful squares, and promptly fell in love with Ambraliquida (clearly, I have a thing for amber) from an Italian brand L'Erbolario Lodi. It's a spicy and sweet scent with notes of sandalwood, incense, patchouli, bourbon vanilla and honey. It dries down powdery and musky, and has incredible sillage and lasting power (probably because it's more of a base-note heavy fragrance). It's definitely not for everyone, but I love it, and my dad loved it so much that a couple hours later he decided to buy a bottle for my mom too. I paid about 22 euro for a 1.7 fl oz/ 50 ml EDP, but you can also purchase it in the US for $45 on CyberCucina and The Herbarium, their authorized US retailer.

That's it for my answers, I hope you enjoyed them! I would love to see the following bloggers answer these questions: Tracy at Beauty Reflections, Larie at Eye Heart It, Liz at So Lonely in Gorgeous, and Claire at The Land of Lorp - as well as anyone else who would like to join in! If you decide to post this, please leave me a link to your blog in the comments :)


  1. I love all your selections, Monika -- and thanks for the tag. In fact, your story enticed me so much, I will take out Ambre Sultan again (I know it's your last year's selection but maybe it'll be mine this year? :-D). And I love that bag you picked you in Italy, looks so luxe and hmm buttery soft!

  2. YESSSSSSS I love fall tags! Thank you! <3

    I love Marshmallow Fireside, too, but I haven't purchased any candles yet this year! Hm, I should remedy that. I don't even have matches at this apartment, haha. How sad.

    I love The Voice. It is totally my guilty pleasure as far as TV goes! I love when singers totally recast favorite songs, too - so interesting!

  3. Awww, cute bag! Yes, I also love that cognac brown, so pretty.

  4. BOOK COSTUME WIN. Love it.

  5. Love that little autumnal arrangement you created, perfect for a smaller space! I kind of wish that we Australian's celebrated Halloween and autumn the way that American's do, but it's spring here and swinging between too cool and too warm, meaning wardrobe styling is frustrating and we can't fully indulge in the seasonal treats that others do! I still love a nice mug of rooibos tea at night when it's cool enough, but the tea you described sounds so lovely as well. My Mum is actually holding a Halloween party this year which I am very excited about - I have a cute Halloween-inspired headband to wear and am going to dig around to find a nice orange lipstick to rock for the occasion!

  6. I commented on this but it hasn't shown up for some reason, so thanks for the tag! I will do it! I miss NARS Sin...I miss all of my NARS blushes to be honest hahaha, so I got that palette to make up for it lol! That bag is really cute!

  7. Loved reading all your answers, and loved your photos. Definitely going to add some of these items on my "want" list; especially the Ambraliquida perfume.