Friday, November 6, 2015

My Fall/ Winter 2015 Beauty and Fashion Wishlist

Okay, so now that I've discussed my love for shopping my stash, let's talk about actual shopping, right? I like sharing my wishlists around this time of the year (click for my 2014 wishlist) for two main reasons: Sephora VIB sale and uhm, I'm sorry but I have to say this, Christmas shopping. Don't shoot the messenger!

However, this year, I'm having a pretty difficult time finding things I actually want ON the wishlist; at this point in my purchasing habits, it's in fact more of a long-term shopping list, and since starting my beauty and fashion low-buys at the beginning of this year (oh, have I not mentioned that last bit? It wasn't really anything official, except that I think I just made it official by telling you guys...), I find myself incredibly selective with anything I want to bring into my possession. Let's overanalyze together:

1. Surratt Artistique Cheek Brush ($115 at Sephora or Barney's)
I've actually been lusting after this cute pom-pom shaped grey squirrel beauty from the moment I laid my eyes on it late last year at Barney's (read my thoughts on the Surratt brush launch here). This is the only thing I'm planning to purchase during the upcoming Sephora sale; the discount, together with a giftcard I've had squirrelled away for months, makes the high price tag a bit more palatable. I think it will be a nice investment piece for my make-up brush collection: soft, beautiful, high quality AND versatile.

2. Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Pansy Pop ($22 for 0.12 oz)
I've also been itching to try a lavender hue on my cheeks for months; I purchased the shade Pink Pop during the Sephora sale in April, but returned it upon finding out I had at least two very similar shades in my stash already. I really enjoyed the formula though and the compact size of this blush, and I'm hoping Pansy Pop will be more of a unique shade in my collection.

3. Bodetko Lash Serum (149 PLN for 3ml)
A good lash growing serum is now a staple in my beauty routine, and one of those products that I think can make the biggest difference to one's eye make-up. You guys often compliment my lashes in face shots (THANK YOU!) and want to know what mascaras I'm using, but honestly, the fullness and length of my lashes is all down to the regular use of a lash serum. My tube of discontinued LiLash (review here) is almost done, and I've been hearing great things about Bodetko Lash on Polish YouTube, so I asked Santa for this one.

4. LUSH Bubble Bars (Dorothy in the photo, $7.50 for 120g)
Yes, LUSH bath products are terribly overpriced and yes, they're not very good for your skin either. I have said before how I wasn't going to purchase from LUSH anymore and I actually haven't bought anything in about a year and a half, but here's the deal: I miss their Bubble Bars. I LIKE the completely over the top scents and fun things they do with your bath water, okay? I'm still not going to shop for them regularly, but if I can ask for them for Christmas as a little treat, then I don't see why I shouldn't. SO THERE.

5. Buxom Pout Out Loud Lip Set ($19 for 3 x 0.07 oz at Sephora)
I've been waffling over this one for weeks now, because I know I don't need it. HOWEVER. Buxom's Full On lipgloss formula is one of my absolute favorites, and I like how this set comes with one cream finish in a neutral shade (Toddy) and one shimmer finish in a deeper wine (Gabby). I've already used up one of these mini Buxom glosses completely, so I know I can do it before they fall to the back of my drawer and expire. They also included a mini of their new Bold Gel Lipstick in an everyday mauve shade, which also seems like something I would use. Sooo... yeah, I still don't know. I may get it in December with Sephora's $20 off coupon/ gift card thingy, but if it sells out before, then I guess it wasn't meant to be - I may just get a full size of a Lip Cream instead.

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in Starlight ($28 for 0.32 oz)
Now this is something I know I'm going to get plenty of use from. This year has been all about highlighters for me, a product previously ignored in my everyday make-up routine. I currently own two powder highlighters, one warmer champagne (Laura Mercier Baked Highlight, reviewed here) and one silvery pink (Makeup Revolution in Radiant Lights, here), so I think this neutral white pearl would be a good one to add to the mix, and obviously pale enough to suit my fair skintone. I've also been very curious about those powder 'gelee' formulas, which allegedly the Illuminators are as well. I'm currently just waiting to see if Anastasia will do some sort of a deal around Black Friday, but even if they don't, I'll still buy Starlight.

7. Pencil Skirt in a wine/ burgundy shade
Shopping online for a skirt in a merlot/ oxblood shade of red has reminded me why abstaining from shopping altogether is such a neat idea for me personally. Here's how this whole absurd story started: after purging my closet and assessing my fall and winter outfit combos, I decided it would be nice to have another thicker weight skirt, preferrably in a wine color to suit my color palette and go with the rest of my wardrobe. I then spent 15 minutes online looking at skirts, realized the pencil variety must be en vogue at the moment, and promptly purchased one that seemed alright and wasn't too expensive.

When it arrived a couple days later, it turned out that the size was all wrong, but more importantly, I realized that my purchase was not exactly fulfilling some clothes buying guidelines I've tried to set for myself. It was just a cheap, poor quality, fast fashion type of piece I would previously wear for a season and discard. No, this time, I wanted something classic, durable, and versatile. So I sent that one back, and went online again, spending somewhere close to two hours browsing all manners of burgundy red skirts I could find. At this point, I started feeling mad at myself for wasting so much time on that stupid skirt and for yet again trying to find that perfect unicorn item of clothing that would solve all my dressing woes and maybe also make me dinner and rub my feet, and goddammit, I didn't even want it anymore.

And then I felt ridiculous for having spent so much time on researching skirts without any outcome, so in the end, I ordered this Long Knit Pencil Skirt in Royal Red from The Loft when they were having a sale. It was just delivered yesterday, and I *think* I like it. But I'm not sure anymore, having second-guessed myself so much and dispensed all that energy and time on my burgundy skirt dilemma. The Loft skirt is a very nice thick jersey, well made and flattering on. But will the midi length still be fashionable next year, or is it just a fad? See? I really don't know anymore. Please tell me I'm not crazy.

8. Powder Blue Infinity Scarf
Pale blue is another shade in my color palette, and even though I have plenty of scarves, I thought a solid one in that hue would compliment my outifts and tie them together nicely for added interest. I much prefer circle/ infinity design because it's more comfortable to wear (no loose ends falling down or getting twisted and untucked), and just this morning I pulled the trigger on a pretty jersey number from Etsy - I love jersey scarves, so soft and easy to throw on. And by the way, speaking of wardrobe color palettes, would you guys be interested in a post discussing that in more detail? Because I'm considering doing some fashion posts. Yes, really.

And that's it! I'm still struggling with more ideas for Christmas gifts I could suggest to the family; while I do come up with things I would like to buy myself after careful research, I find it much more difficult to give pointers to my loved ones, especially that they're in Poland and thus have access to different stores and merchandise than we do here in the States. Do you guys exchange wishlists with your friends and family, or is it all a total surprise? I used to be firmly in the surprise camp, but after agonizing over things to buy for other people and having received some pressies in the past that were not the best fit, I'm definitely leaning towards wishlists these days. So... what's on your wishlist? I'd love to know... and possibly steal your idea :)


  1. I feel the same about my wishlist. My purchasing habits have changed. I feel like I got nearly everything. I need some new clothes especially pullovers, but I don't see any of my colours.

  2. The Anastasia highlighter in Starlight looks so beautiful - definitely on my radar as well. However, at the moment I think it's limited to online availability. I'm hoping they release them to physical Sephora stores in Australia sometime in the near future so I can swatch them (and possibly buy) in person. I haven't heard too much about the Surratt brushes but I'm sure they're wonderfully soft and nice quality (you'd hope so with the price tag!). I did try Pansy Pop, hoping it would be a pale lavender on me, but I found it leaned too berry/cool-toned pink on me, so I passed. I know Lush is really pricey for what it is, but I am a big fan of their stuff. It's just fun and indulgent and playful, and the scents are huge.

  3. I was really interested in the clinque pansy pop as well but decided not to get it because I am just ok with the packaging...I accidentally put sephora into my spam mail box so I probably won't even get that 10% discount for (not very important) beauty insider. Ha, I guess I am safe from the holiday madness!

  4. That Buxom set really looks like it was made for you though Monika - very wearable! I want to try one of those mini's one day since you like them so much, and I'm yet to try anything from the brand. I've got a loose list for Christmas/ my birthday (a week later) but it's more lifestyle and perfume related than beauty for once! Once I've thought about it more I will post up a wishlist too

  5. I thought I was the only one overanalyzing every possible purchase until I just don't want to buy anything anymore! I do think the skirt you picked is a classic and you shouldn't worry about it going out of fashion.
    I would love, LOVE to read more about your wardrobe!!

    Oh and yes, LUSH is just awesome for really pretty colorful glittery foamy baths, I will not stop indulging once in a while.
    May I suggest a christmas wishlist with things you either really really want or things that you can finish? Like lush bath stuff ;-) or something edible perhaps. That way you won't end up with too much stuff that you really don't like that much. Going to work on my own wishlist now!

  6. There's nothing like locking yourself up in the bathroom with a nice Lush bubble bar on a cold fall night!

  7. I think that skirt is a classic silhouette and won't go out of fashion. I need a few more skirts, myself, but I want some that are more A-line and casual. Buuuut I can prolly cool it on the shopping front, lol!

  8. I'd love a burgundy pencil skirt, too. Actually, I am struggling with a wish list, too. I did, however, purchase some makeup products and books recently.
    I would probably want a trip somewhere as a gift the best :)