Friday, December 18, 2015

The Only Lip Gloss I've Ever Repurchased: Buxom Dolly

How often do you guys happen to repurchase the exact same lip product? I have to admit that I'm usually very fickle with my make-up; by the time I actually manage to use something completely up, which is not very often, I'm usually ready to move on to something different. But Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Dolly ($19 for 0.14 oz) is my first exception to the rule - I just couldn't get enough of it.
Well, okay, I guess I'm stretching the truth a tiny bit here - I had a mini of the Lip Shine in Dolly (reviewed here) that I somewhat recently finished as part of my Project 10 Pan; Buxom's Lip Shines have varying degrees of subtle shimmer to full-on glitter, but forunately the Dolly shade had just a whisper of tiny gold dust. I also own a different Lip Cream in the shade Cherry Flip, reviewed here, which is a favorite in the summer. So I sort of combined the two favorites when I decided to purchase the Lip Cream in Dolly, which has the same gorgeous hue as the one I used up but without the shimmer.
I've discussed my feelings about the Lip Cream formula in detail in my review of Cherry Flip, and some more when I reviewed the Lip Shine in Dolly - I think both the cream and the shimmer finishes on these Buxom glosses are the same formula, albeit if you chose to purchase a Lip Shine with chunkier glitter, your experience may vary. And while regrettably I don't have anything left in my tube of the shimmery Dolly to compare with the creamy Dolly, from memory it's the exact same shade but with one tiny difference: the Lip Shine in Dolly had also a bit more of a translucent jelly finish, the Lip Cream is slightly more milky. However, once on the lips, I can't really tell a difference.
Dolly is my perfect lip perfecting gloss: the cushiony texture softens the look of vertical lip lines and dryness, while the subtle mauve shade evens out my lips' pigmentation. It's very close to my natural lip color, which makes it ideal for effortless daytime looks. It's also one of few lip gloss formulas that stay on my lips for a reasonable time, all the while feeling comfortable and moisturizing. In general, I'm not a fan of tingly plumping formulas, but I would say that Buxom glosses are more cooling than anything else, which I certainly appreciate more in the summer than in the winter, but overall don't mind all that much.
I don't have another lip gloss shade that's close to Dolly - as you can see, NYX Mega Shine in Beige is positively baby pink next to it. Out of my lipsticks, Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist in no. 3 Fuyuzakura is quite similar, but a little lighter once on the lips. Maybelline Color Sensational in Warm Me Up is darker and warmer.
L-R: Buxom Lip Cream in Cherry Flip, Buxom Lip Cream in Dolly, NYX Mega Shine in Beige, Maybelline Warm Me Up, Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist no. 3
I will be honest with you and admit that it took a lot of my willpower not to purchase one of those larger sets of Buxom's mini glosses that Sephora releases every Holiday season. I've contemplated their smaller set with two glosses and a Bold Gel lipstick, but upon swatching it in store, I decided that the Lip Shine in Gabby was way too glittery for me. I'm quite happy that I settled on Dolly in the end, because I know for sure I'll reach for it again and again, and I'm glad to have a tried and true gloss I can rely on. What is your favorite everyday lip gloss? Do you wear the same one again and again, or do you frequently rotate the ones in your stash?


  1. Dolly is super pretty! I don't think I've ever repurchased a lip product, but then again they're so tough to use up! :)

  2. I love the Full Bodied lipstick formula, and I just recently tried out their glosses (I think mine is the lip shine and the other non tingling one.) They are amazing and I definitely will be repurchasing only this formula when I use up other lipglosses (since I'm not a big fan of lipgloss.) They're so comfortable, nonsticky, smell fantastic and taste like nothing!

    The Dolly lipstick seems a bit dark for me as a MLBB, but the gloss looks perfect!

  3. This shade looks very nice on you! I have repurchased two lipsticks ^^

  4. Oh it looks sooooo pretty on you! I'd definitely get a back-up for this one too, lovely.

  5. I bought the 'Give Me More Lip' set from Sephora this season (a weak moment, but one that I don't regret - I'm loving it!) and it had a couple Buxom glosses in it, a Lip Cream (in Berry Blast) and a Lip Polish (in Sophia). Sophia is to me and my lips what Dolly is to yours - the perfect easy-to-wear gloss that matches my lip tone almost exactly. I think I'll be picking up the full size once I use this up; though I'm not a HUGE gloss fan, I like to have a few on hand for more 'natural' days, and this fits that bill perfectly!

  6. Buxom is the only brand I continue to repurchase, well and the Victoria Secret clear Mint gloss, it leaves a fresh cool feeling that I can't get enough of. It also isn't that extremely sticky texture that your hair loves to stick to in the wind, that's never fun. Buxom is worth the buck, and some in my opinion :) Thanks for the share! XoXo

  7. Love the buxom lip glosses. I understand your struggle with wanting to buy the big set ! haha thank you for the helpful review !