Monday, May 23, 2016

Conquering Those Fine Lines: Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Eye & Lip Contour

A few months ago, I went into a local beauty salon to get my haircut, and as I was sitting in the chair, I got talking with the owner, who turned out to be an esthetician. She peered critically at my face (you bet it made me feel very uncomfortable) and pronounced my skin to look 'very young', with the exception of my under eye area, which she said was beginning to show first signs of aging, mainely in the form of dryness and fine lines toward the outer corners of my eyes. She obviously proceeded by attempting to talk me into buying a miracle cream she was selling - which I obviously disregarded - but it got me thinking that maybe my eyes needed some extra TLC to look plump and smooth again.

As you may remember, I'd been using Deciem SubQ Eyes Serum (reviewed here), which is a lightweight gel containing retinol - I discontinued using that after I found out I was pregnant, and was again on the lookout for a good nourishing eye cream. Even though I liked using the SubQ, I still felt like it wasn't quite moisturizing for my dry under eyes. And then a beautiful parcel from Nuxe landed on my doorstep, and inside I found this emerald gem: the new Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Anti-Ageing Eye & Lip Contour* ($49 for 0.5 fl oz/ 15 ml, available on Nuxe's website here. Also, great news - Nuxe's products are now available on, and currently they're all on sale to boot!).
Nuxe claims their new eye cream 'acts on wrinkles, slackening of the skin, dark spots, puffiness and dark circles' with actives from saffron and bougainvillea. It contains at least 94.6% of natural origin ingredients, including sunflower oil, glycerin, urea, caffeine and hyaluronic acid. It's also paraben-free, and features a 'special scent for the delicate skin around the eyes and lips'.
As may be expected from a product containing saffron, this eye cream is slightly yellow-tinted, and has a bit of a thicker cream texture that nevertheless absorbs quickly and easily into the skin with little to no tackiness left behind. The Nuxuriance Eye & Lip Contour is packaged in a very convenient airless pump - Nuxe recommends using a full pump for both eyes and lips, but I find that half that amount is sufficient for my personal use.
I've been using this eye cream for over three weeks now, and here's what I've noticed so far. The Nuxuriance Ultra definitely hydrates and moisturizes my eye and lip areas very well, so that immediately after application I notice a lot less texture and crepiness. This is especially cool to see on my lips, which (like I've said numerous times in the past) have a lot vertical lines that can deepen significantly when the skin is dry or dehydrated. Mind you, the Eye & Lip Contour is definitely not enough as a lip moisturizer on its own, but paired overnight with Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm in a pot, it's a match made in heaven.
But, back to the eyes - I have not observed any improvement in the darkness of my under eyes as of yet, although mine is more due to veins and the thinness of the skin there than lack of sleep or any other temporary factors. I do think my eyes are a bit less puffy, but all in all, I find the best improvement in the fine lines towards the outer corners of my eyes. They seem to have relaxed a bit and are a lot less noticeable, especially during the day when I wear concealer on top (although I mostly use the Nuxe eye cream at night, and the TATCHA Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum during the day).

Overall, I'm very pleased with Nuxuriance Ultra Eye & Lip Contour. It's a great moisturizing eye cream that satisfies my need for some extra anti-aging action for the fragile skin under my eyes and the eternally dry and dehydrated skin of my lips. I don't think the price point is too out there either; unfortunately, eye creams tend to be pretty pricey, and now that I'm nearing the big 30, I don't feel like I can skimp very much in that skincare category. Do you use anti-aging products around your eyes? What is your favorite eye cream?

Disclaimer: Product featured in this post is a press sample I received from the brand's PR for review consideration. All links are non-affiliate. All opinions are 100% honest and unbiased, no matter if the product featured were purchased with my own money or provided free of charge. Thank you for reading!


  1. Ooh, I have yet to crack this open (for some reason, I am now swimming in eye cream), but it sounds promising! And for lips, too! That's probably where mine will get the most use. I need serious help in the eye department, no joke, but I've found some things that work for me there.

  2. Whoa, the owner of that beauty salon was way out of line. I'm glad her comment eventually led you to a product you like, but I feel like she really overstepped her boundaries there.

    1. I kinda agree here, the beauty salon owner shouldn't say things that in essence gets into our insecurity about our looks! Especially maybe since you are now pregnant (and hormones can wreak havoc on skin and anything else in the body).

      On a lighter note, I love it that ULta now has Nuxe!! I use the Reve de Miel lip balm religiously and good to know I can find a replacement easily.