Thursday, December 15, 2016

Luminous Nude Cheeks: Surratt Artistique Blush in La Rosée du Soir

Time for blogging is rather sparse these days, but I had to come on here to show you the newest member of my blush stash, the Surratt Artistique Blush in La Rosée du Soir ($32 for 0.14 oz/ 4g). After trying the Surratt pressed powder 'slurry' formula via his eyeshadow in Scintillante (reviewed here), I was really interested in trying a blush from the line, and I was finally enabled to do so by the Sephora VIB rewards card - even though I really do not need any more blushes in my life.
In the same manner as his eyeshadows, the Artistique blushes come in single resin pans which can be glued into a Surratt custom palette, available separately. For the time being, I'm too cheap to actually spring for that beautiful compact and just use the pans as is - luckily they're more substantial than a regular metal pan and also come with a sliding plastic lid to help protect the powder inside. The shade name is printed on the back label, which is also a sticker you'd use to secure the pans in the palette.

Well, since my window for blogging isn't very long at the moment, let me keep this post brief and just say that I really, really like the formula of this Surratt blush. It's just as pillowy soft as my Scintillante eyeshadow and applies like a beautiful glowy cloud of color to the cheeks. I feel like La Rosée du Soir certainly isn't the most pigmented blush formula out there, but that's my preference - I find opaque blushes very difficult to work with on my fair skintone.
The texture is creamy and blendable and looks natural on the skin; there's no trace of powderiness (is that a word? Don't think so...) once applied. The subtle luminous finish is also incredibly believable. I would compare it to one of my HG blush formulas, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes - it's the same amount of ethereal glow without obvious shimmer or, God forbid, glitter. However, I may even like the formula of the Surratt blush better, because it feels less dry than the Hourglass both on the skin and in the pan.

L-R: Surratt La Rosee du Soir, Hourglass Mood Exposure, NARS Douceur, KIKO Trio Blush in no. 1 Natural Rose
I know what you're going to say - La Rosée du Soir isn't a terribly unique shade. In fact, I have an almost exact dupe in my stash already. But the finish and tactile feel of the Surratt blush is unique enough for me to warrant keeping it, and this nudey rose color family is my favorite at the moment, so I don't mind having several to choose from. I've swatched it here against three other similar blushes to give you an idea of the shade if you're planning to order sight unseen. I've seen La Rosée du Soir described as a nude pink (Sephora says it's a rosy nude) but I would keep in mind that this shade pulls rather warm, especially on a fair skin tone. I would even say it looks a bit more like a nude muted peach on me; it's definitely warmer than NARS Douceur and less rosy than something like KIKO Shade Fusion Trio Blush in Natural Rose (here).
So while this purchase was definitely superfluous for my collection, I'm really pleased with Surratt La Rosée du Soir, and I would gladly buy more shades from the newly expanded range. It's also worth mentioning that yes, the brand's Cheek Brush (reviewed here) works exceptionally well for picking up and blending their blush formula. Have you tried any of the powder products from Surratt Beauty? What is your favorite everyday 'goes with everything' nude blush?


  1. Oh, the ALBs are my absolute favourite blush formula so if this is comparable I'll definitely have to look into it next time I'm in Sephora! The colour is gorgeous. It does look quite similar to Mood Exposure, which is my favourite blush ever and definitely my pick for my go-to blush. This colour looks absolutely beautiful on you, it adds such a gorgeous healthy glow to your face.

  2. Love how subtle this color is! Surratt powders have such wonderful texture. I recently got the Charlotte Tilbury "Love Glow" blush and I quite like it (very subtle again).

  3. I prefer my blushes to be less pigmented as well. That's one of the reasons I like my Lunasol blushes. But after getting some super soft and fluffy blush brushes, pigmented blushes are easier to wear. I love this on you though. Given the color isn't all too unique, but the texture and wear are important. It looks like skin on you, which is great. I'll have to take a better look at Surratt!

  4. I also bought a surratt blush (and an eyeshadow) with the sephora coupon ( well the blush and compact added up to 49 bucks...which called for useless filler). I went with ponceau. I have quite a few bright coral reds, it does have a better formula than similar drugstore ones (It makes nyx summer look like bright chalk in comparison).

    Now I am eyeballing Peau de Peche but the packaging (oh and the full price) is enough of a deterrant... Anyway,I thought since the brand added several new shades in their range, there are a few I am really interested in them all of a sudden.

  5. The blush looks gorgeous on you! I love Surratt blushes and eyeshadows.. the packaging certainly isn't my favorite and they are very pricey, but the formulation and color selection are divine. I was hoping to purchase La Rosée du Soir as an everyday nude blush, but since it's quite close to Hourglass Mood Exposure in your swatch I am thinking can I justify it? On my skin Mood Exposure looks a tiny bit more deep and mauve.

    Mood Exposure is one my favorite nude blushes, but my favorite nude-nude blush has to be Rouge Bunny Rouge Starina or Delicata.

    Laura xx Laurantaina Beauty Blog

  6. This blush was made for you!

  7. I was at the Surratt counter the other day and his blushes are SO SO creamy and amazing and yes, so very glowy and so expensive. It looks like a perfect natural flush on you!

  8. The look it gives you is amazing! This looks a lot like my favourite blush from NYC (outside café). Definitely will check this one out once I run out of that one!