Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Seating arrangement

Just a quick post to share with you what I've been working on all day - and I have seriously enough of printing, cutting out and gluing on.

You could probably order something prettier in a printing house, but I decided I prefer to save some money and do it myself. The 'frames' are made of special paper I bought in artists' supplies store and this color is called 'Cinnamon'. Speaking of colors named after food, the font's color on the cards for the tables is called 'Chocolate'. I'm sold.

My fiance arrives tomorrow and I can't wait to see him again. Hope you're all having a fantastic evening, ladies, and something nice is awaiting you tomorrow as well :) xxx


  1. it's all in the details..and these look great!

  2. Very pretty! I'm off on hols now so no blogging for a couple of weeks so I wanted to say a big good luck for the big day! Hope everything goes perfectly - I'm sure you'll be a beautiful bride - and take some photos to show us!

  3. This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful, honey!!! You did a great job! Not every printer would be able to do that, trust me, I've seen quite a few wedding things that were printed professionally and I prefer yours 1000000000%! You also picked gorgeous colours and fonts. Well, I just love EVERYTHING about it and am sure your fiance will approve and be proud of his beautiful clever girl.


  4. LOVE the table cards! I'm a sucker for food names as well ;)


  5. @Ane: Well, you surely know it is :) I'm beginning to stress over the details a bit, in fact... We signed the papers at the Civil Office and in the church today so basically nothing can stop us now; that gives me butterflies in my stomach. xxx

    @Ondine: I'm not sure if I'll be able to take some photos myself, but there'll be some other photographers :) Sure I'll show you once I get my hands on them!

    @Little Rus: Thanks so much, hun :) I've seen some beautiful ones in the printing house where I ordered our invites and cards, but didn't want to splurge so much money... xxx

    @Farmgirl: Food names are the best :) xxx

  6. Wowzer you are seriously talented and patient, this must have taken you forever!!!
    AND I didn't know you were engagedddddd!!!! Omg, duh to me if this is old news! Or is this a new development??
    Lol either way Congratulations!!! And I hope the planning and prep is going swimmingly :)

  7. This is beautiful. You're lucky to be so talented... it seems to have really helped with all the wedding planning! xxx

    p.s I tagged you in something today!

  8. I tagged you on my blog! :) xoxo

  9. This looks just a good if you would have ordered it from a printing shop. Beautiful job. xxN

  10. @Sarah: Hahah, now I'm married, that sounds... quite shocking, in fact :) Thank you, hun xxx

    @loveaudrey: I'm really sorry I haven't done your tag, but I was away... But I promise to change my ways in the nearest future!

    @Elise: Glad you like it :) xxx

    @Aisling: Sorry again for not following any of the tags as of late... And thanks for the tag, sweetie :)

    @Nadia: Thank you, hun :) xxx