Saturday, August 29, 2009

Little something for my girlies

Today is my surprise hen's party. The only thing I know is that I have to be ready to leave the house at 3.30 pm, eat my lunch before that and preferably wear a white bra.

But my girlies are wrong thinking they're the only ones having secrets :) I prepared surpise gifts for them and this is how they look like:

I bought these heart-shaped boxes in a dollar store in Vancouver and filled them with Rafaello pralines, heart-shaped bath bombs and candles in a form of an angel (photo below):

Then I printed little cards saying 'Monika's hen's night', the date and 'Thank you girlies!' on a special pearlescent paper. I used a fabulous font I found online called Covent Garden, I really like the retro feel of it:

I cut the cards out and attached them to the boxes using a double sided tape. Voila!

I had a lot of fun making these, quite relaxing indeed compared to some other wedding-related activities. How do you like my little surpise boxes?


  1. Awww those are really sweet. Hope you have a fab

  2. How sweet! Good luck tonight!! xxx

  3. What a fantastic idea! I love it! The box is gorgeous :)

    Have a wonderful hen do!x

  4. Soo cute. Whats on the cards? Its your name and his?? Where is he from.. i know you met in Canada but where is he originally from!
    Love the idea you seem like such a thoughtfull bride!! xx

  5. Wow those look so nice!! I love that font as well, I'll have to have a look for it myself. Good luck for your hen night :)

  6. Those boxes are beautiful. Have fun at your hen night.

  7. They look very cute!!I hope you'll have a great part!!!

  8. I have an award for you. Check out my blog.

  9. @LionLovingTiger: Thanks, hun! It was a great night, I have so many stories about it to share!

    @hannahbabeyxo: Thank you :)

    @Daisy: The boxes are super cute :)

    @Tali: Noo, the card says 'Monika's (+my surname soon to be changed) hen's night'. Mateusz is Polish like me, we actually met in high school here in Poland and went to Canada together :) Making the presents was a lot of fun! xxx

    @Skarletrubyjynx: The font is great but unfortunately it doesn't have most Polish diacretics...

    @Naomi: Thank you, hun, both for the wishes and the award!

    @Krystallia: Thanks, dear! xxx

  10. So thoughtful and cute, I love them! Hope yo have lots of fun xo

  11. These are soooooooo pretty. What a great taste you have. xxx

  12. @Ondine: I had amazing fun, I'd never expected something similar! Thank you, sweetie :) xxx

    @Little Rus: Thank you, cherie! xxx