Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My weekend has mainly been spent...

(inspired by Loveaudrey)

- missing blogging!
- learning that our plans for moving back to Europe hadn't worked out for now, which also means we can settle down a bit more here in the US
- saying goodbye to my mother and sisters-in-law, who stayed with us for the past three weeks
- frantically cleaning up the house for a visit from our Zurich friends
- enjoying a Mocha followed by Cappuccino a couple of hours later to make up for the lost sleep
- exploring Seattle's Queen Anne bathed in sunshine while looking for Kerry Park, which we didn't finally go to
- discovering that making animal noises while playing dice definitely helps your luck
- being glad to have our bedroom back again
- making a huge batch of buckwheat pancakes with fruit for breakfast
- realizing my fitness level noticeably went up compared to 2 months ago when climbing Mount Tiger
- saying goodbye to our Zurich friends
- going out for a yummy Thai dinner with delicious fried rice
- going out again to meet a friend for another Mocha
- going to bed early


  1. I've missed you!So nice to have you back x

  2. Nice to have you back!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Thanks, girls! I promise to be more active next month :) x

  4. Yay! Missed you. Sounds like a lovely weekend, although goodbyes can be tough xxx

  5. Missed you too! The goodbye was definitely tough for my husband's family, they didn't want to leave! xxx

  6. Such a cute post :) Those pancakes sound delicious!!! x