Friday, August 6, 2010

Bioelements skincare routine: Week 4

It's over a month now that I've been using my Bioelements skincare routine; that's some commitment, no?

My skin continues to be hydrated, non-irritated and feeling comfortable. However, these past two weeks I've been struggling a bit with some breakouts: a couple of cystic ones and lots of tiny bumps on my forehead. I know these might be hormonal or stress-related, so I'm not blaming my routine; I'm also aware that with my skin type will probably never be completely breakout-free. To combat these, I've been applying La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, which I reviewed here, on my problem areas and All Things Pure moisturizer on the rest of my face, and I think I'm on the mend (fingers crossed).

On the positive note, I've definitely noticed a reduction in post-acne scars on my cheeks, which makes me very happy! They seem more shallow and even in tone. I've also been getting less and less of clogged pores which manifest themselves as small bumps under the skin's surface, so that my face feels much smoother right now. I've also observed how healthy and glowy my skin looks in the mornings; there's no irritation, no puffiness, no dry patches, just well-rested, plump face ready for make-up application.

My favorite steps in the routine these past two weeks have been All Things Pure clay-based cleanser and Calmitude toner; they just feel so refreshing in hot weather! I'm worried they'll be running out the fastest. I've also started really enjoying using the Restorative Clay mask while I'm soaking in the bath, it gives me such a luxurious spa feeling.

That's it for now! I'll be reporting back one last time in another month. I'm quite surprised how easy it's become to stick to the same routine every day! Do you follow your skincare routine religiously or do you enjoy trying different products all the time? xxx


  1. that cleanser sounds lovely!
    I used to be religious with my skincare routine and but I had to cut back for a few months to save pennies! Don't try too many products on my face though as I my skin is sensitive. I admire your dedication to this, im just so lazy! You look like you have great skin xox
    p.s great idea for diet post!!

  2. @A Certain Vintage: I know what you mean, a full routine can get quite costly! I'm sometimes a bit lazy too and don't feel like going through all the steps, so I just quickly cleanse and moisturize. Thanks for the compliment, sweetie!

    The diet post will go up as soon as I'll find a moment to write it down :) xxx

  3. I'm hopeless with skincare routine but I do wash my face everyday and smack on the moisturizer on my cheeks as can be drier than the rest of the my face. Apart from that, I use a cleanser now and then. I really try not to do too much stuff on my skin because its really sensitive.

    By the way, I got a question about fake eyelashes... *lol*...could use some advise! (See my recent blog post)