Monday, January 10, 2011

Best Beauty Buys 2010

In apology for my long absence, my personal Best Beauty Buys for 2010; hopefully, not too late, because it's never too late to learn about some amazing new products, isn't it?

(clockwise: Mauve, Peach, Pinky, Angel, Taupe)

1. NYX Powder blushers
My most often reached for blushers, period. I'd even go as far as to claim that 2010 was a blusher year for me since my blusher collection grew considerably in the last 12 months. I find that on my pale skin, a touch of blush is indispensable, it just makes everything come together and evens out the complexion, giving it a healthy, glowy appearance. I like the fine texture and satin finish of NYX blushers and use the above pictured shades interchangeably. However, if you need one shade recommendation, I'd go for Angel: it's a perfect all rounder for my cool-toned skin.

2. Inglot Freedom eyeshadows
Thanks to these, I honestly haven't felt the need to check out MAC eyeshadows in ages. For my favorite neutrals with swatches, check out this post; I have also got three more shades on my recent trip to Poland and plan on posting a more wintery look soon. These are simply such a great quality and range for such a reasonable price, and the pearl finish blends like buttah.

(L-R: Hot & Sour, Lying Nails, Sharon's Heart, Vacation Time, Opal Glitter, Aqua)

3. Sinful Colors nail polishes
Best drugstore nail polish brand. I've heard there are some duds in the range, but I've yet to encounter them. Granted, my China Glaze polishes are just as good and their glitters even better, but then there's an obvious difference in price and for me, availability. I like how Sinful Colors are bringing out new trendy collections all the time too.

4. Ecotools brush sets
There's an assortment of different brushes and sets in the little glass holder above and I pinky promise to post a more detailed review and recommendations, but for now, let me just say that from all of the Ecotools brushes I've tried, there haven't been a single one I disliked. I use them every day and moreover, I'd be happy to go without all of my other brushes from various brands and use just these. They're that good, and vegan and sustainable to boot.

5. Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers
Staying in the tools category, this has become a staple in the Rocaille house. This is exactly what I mean when I say it's sometimes better to splurge on a quality item that quickly becomes an essential. I do my own brows and this has helped to keep the unwanted hairs under the browbone at bay; it grabs even the tiniest baby hairs and gets rid of them in a second.

6. Soap-free natural facial cleansers
I have tried two so far, the Bioelements All Things Pure organic cleanser with clay and this Alaffia Antixodiant Facial Cleanser with rooibos and unrefined shea butter. I seriously think that using a natural, chemical-free cleanser has changed the condition of my skin noticeably in the past 6 months, so much that even my family commented on how nice my skin looked. It has revolutionized my beliefs on treating oily, acne-prone skin. Let me know in the comments if you're interested in a review on the Alaffia cleanser, it's amazing to say the least.

(L-R: Vanilla in the Mist, Figs & Leaves, Oatmeal soap)

7. LUSH bar soaps
I've also been using LUSH bar soaps for the past couple months non stop. I'm particularly fond of the more sweet, foodsy scents, and so far my favorites have been the Honey I Washed the Kids and Vanilla in the Mist, this last one being a seriously underrated soap - it smells exactly like a vanilla latte. I find they're not too drying and a small chunk lasts a very long time, making them very cost-efficient.

So there you have it! Again, apologies for no posts in the past two weeks; I had every intention of scheduling some post for you, but I guess I got overwhelmed with the Christmas preparations and then my trip home, which, by the way, took us 25 hours. No amount of mini tooth brushes, travel pillows or great books is ever going to make such an experience better, but with 12 hours between flights to spare in Paris, at least we got to sample some French croissants and see the Notre Dame. And then, we had a Christmas Eve on Christmas Day, since we finally arrived in Warsaw at 1 am on December 25th. Phew!

I hope you all had a lovely Holiday and I wish you all the best for the 2011. x


  1. I feel you on horrific trips to Warsaw! I think you had further to travel (you're in America now, I believe) but we were trying to go when all the planes were grounded in London, UK.
    My mum, brother, cousin and I ended up on a coach for Thirty. Eight. Hours. Truly traumatising! But we made it to Warsaw late Thursday Evening on the 23rd!
    ps. I'd love to hear to a review of the cleanser!

  2. Happy New year to you! I regret not picking up NYX blushes at IMATS Toronto (NYX isn't widely available - only select areas) where they had a tonne of them for a very good price. Next year!

  3. @Binia: We were happy to get there, I know so many people were stranded at the airports with the flights cancelled! Ours was just really, really late :) Hope you had a great time in Poland x

    @Michelle: Definitely get some when you can, I love them!

  4. Yay, you're back! Happy New Year! Great post, you know I love LUSH soap too! xxx

  5. I love lush soaps, eco tools, brushes and inglot shadows too, great recommendations! :D

  6. I love my Tweezerman's too!
    I've heard more people talking about the NYX blushes, must give them a closer look, because they look great!

  7. Never too late! :)
    Love your style of presenting your fav products! :)
    I want to try some things on your list! :)

  8. Lovely favorites! I totally agree on the EcoTools brushes, such great value for money!

  9. Oh so many pretties for 2010!! Thos blushes look so gorgeous I will have to have a look at them I think.
    I hope 2011 brings you only the best and all your dreams come true lovely :) x

  10. WB! Loved your list! Those natural products seem amazing and you made me consider about using blush more often :)
    Happy New Year!!

  11. great post! OMG I must have Taupe and Angel blush!!!

  12. YOU'RE BACK - how I've missed you! Happy New Year!

    I'm yet to try out any products by NYX. Those blushers look beautifully soft - definitely something I'll try and track down this year.

    Hope you're having a great 2011 so far.

  13. NYX Powder blushers: I looveee, love, loooovveeeee my nyx powder blushes! They are SO smooth! I have silky rose and copper (which i use as a bronzer blush LIGHTLY). i want more! i don’t know where they’re sold other than the nyx website though. my town is all sorts of boring and we don’t have awesome stores

  14. ahh airport christmas drama. Don't remind me! glad you had no delays and happy new year.

    That cleanser sounds so amazing, would love a review as you seem to look for the same things in cleansers as me :)
    really want to eat the lush vanilla soap in that picture!

  15. Those NYX blushes look lovely!!! You have a really nice little collection there! :) x