Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Fragrance Mist

I've gone a bit fragrance crazy recently, mostly under the influence of Victoria from EauMG. While I can't really justify another serious perfume purchase given the size of my collection, I decided to make use of a Bath & Body Works coupon and basically got their newest release, Paris Amour, for free.

First of all, I really do like the packaging. Yes, the spray bottle is made of plastic, but it's quite elegant in its simplicity and the functionality is great, it fits well in my small hand for a quick spray and the lid doesn't come off when least expected, which is especially important for something you might want to carry in your (beach) bag for top-ups.

Now, onto the most important aspect: the fragrance itself. Paris Amour is described as a romantic, bubbly blend of white tulips and pink champagne. Obviously, the description conjures a beautiful image, but does the fragrance do it justice?

In a way, it does. The simplicity of the combination comes through the fragrance, and what I mostly get from the mist is a refreshing, feminine floral without much of a body. The champagne note is rather subtle, but playful, and I swear I get some red fruit from it as well, but I might be under the impression that this somehow plays off Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne. To be honest, it's a bit too sweet to convey the tulip note faithfully as it lacks some of that water green aspect, but hey, it's a freakin' fragrance mist from Bath & Body Works. In comparison to other tulip fragrances, it's much fresher and zesty than Tocca Giulietta, and much younger than Avon Incandessence, which interestingly enough I happened to love when I was 13. Paris Amour dries down to a more creamy, barely there vanilla musk sort of affair.

All in all, I do like this. I bought the mist intending to wear it on the stay-at-home days, and it does fulfill its purpose. In terms of longevity, I'd say I get around 1-2 hours wear, and the scent is quite delicate throughout. What baffles me is why BBW chose to release Paris Amour now, it strikes me as much more of a spring fragrance... but I still bought it, right?

What is your favorite scent from Bath & Body Works... or a favorite floral?

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  1. Thanks for the review!:D This reminds me of spring too and I like that it smells sweet.

    My favorites? Vanilla Bean Noel and Moonlight Path.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I had a bottle of Warm Amber (or something like that) from BBW a few years ago and found it pretty refreshing (since it was a pretty unique smell) but got tired of the scent after a few months...so ended up as bathroom air refresher...

  3. @Marie: Is Vanilla Bean Noel a Christmas LE? I love the name!

    @Citrine: I get tired of most scents pretty quickly too, that's why my collection keeps growing... and growing :)