Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rocaille Swatches: 6 Shimmery Peach Blushes

The 'Rocaille Swatches' series could as well bear the title 'I'm not buying more make-up EVER and here's the proof' but at least I want to pretend for myself that my make-up addiction is somewhat useful for the society at large, plus the alternative title is kinda long, so that's what I'm sticking to. Let's jump right into six shimmery peach/coral blushes from my collection!
By the way, isn't it pathetic that I also had to narrow it down to 'shimmery peaches'? Because there would have been more if I included matte... Anyway, I don't really know what happened here. I don't even like golden peachy pinks of the NARS 'Orgasm' variety that much - I think the gold doesn't really suit me. Yet, I've managed to accumulate at least two very near dupes. I'm seriously outta control, people.
But anyway... Pretty pretty shiny, huh? I do like getting my pretties out of their drawer and arranging them for a shoot; there must some of collector's pride in that. What we have in the photos, clockwise and starting in... the middle?: La Femme Blush Pan in 'Mandarin Red', Milani Blush in 'Luminous' (discontinued, I think?), Benefit Boxed Powder Blush in 'Coralista', Laura Mercier Blush in 'Nectarine', NYC Blushable Cremestick in 'Plaza Pink', theBalm Blush in 'Hot Mama!'.
Close-ups and arm swatches, both in the same order for comparison: La Femme 'Mandarin Red', Benefit 'Coralista', NYC 'Plaza Pink', Milani 'Luminous', theBalm 'Hot Mama!' and Laura Mercier 'Nectarine'. I was going for a gradient from the most pink-toned to the most orange/coral.
Out of all of them, I definitely tend to wear the ones on the pink end of the spectrum a lot more than the orangey ones, just because pink suits my complexion a bit better. I still venture into the warmer colors, especially in the summer, but they require more effort for me. Out of the pinkier ones, my most worn are NYC 'Plaza Pink' and Benefit 'Coralista', and out of more orangey ones, definitely Laura Mercier 'Nectarine' - I just don't dig the gold shimmer overdose in Milani 'Luminous' or theBalm 'Hot Mama!'.

Do you own any of these? What is your favorite shimmery peachy pink blush shade?


  1. i like peachy pink blushes, so i definitely have to get some of these. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. LOL, it's okay--I totally understand. I didn't particularly like Nars Orgasm all that much (a little too sparkly to suit my oily face/large pores), but that didn't stop me from getting the blush, multiple, lip gloss (but I love this one), and illuminator. I ended up giving the blush and illuminator away. Out of control is right! :P

    1. Same here, oily skin and super frosty blushes just don't mix well!

  3. Shimmery pinks and peaches are always the best blushes :) I think I was in love with NARS Deep throat for quite a while!

  4. I LOLed at your intro paragraph. Don't worry, Monika. We've all been there and done that. :) I love the cross-sections of the blushes all lined up together - they're all so pretty! I have Hot Mama and Coralista and have been eyeing Nectarine forever!

  5. They are all beautiful! Shimmery peach shades are my absolute favorite for blush :)

  6. I don't have these sorts of shades either - I think I have one peachy blush and one coral. Maybe? I love LM Nectarine in your swatches, though!

  7. Hah, we're in the same boat! I am not fond of shimmery peachy pink blushes either. Yet, I also have quite a few of them in my stash. We're definitely out of control :P