Thursday, November 8, 2012

Current Lip Love: Revlon Balm Stain in Crush

If you're sick of seeing swatches of dark burgundy lip products, I strongly suggest you stop reading at this point - because it's what this post is going to be all about. I've proclaimed my love for the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains back in August, and the color Smitten was practically the sole product I'd been using the two weeks I was on vacation. It's no different with Crush, a blue-toned wine shade, which I acquired quite recently. As much as I love my vampy lipsticks, they do require a lot of upkeep so the Balm Stain formula is a great easy to wear alternative.
There's not much to say other than sharing product close-ups and swatches in the hopes you'll all go and check this one out; I love this range of stains and already have two more colors on my wishlist. In terms of applicaton, they can sometimes go on slightly patchy, especially at the outer edge of my mouth, so I always make sure to smooth it out and blend with my finger. Yesterday I put Crush on at around 3pm and it was still definitely there when I was removing my make-up at 11pm; that goes to show that these really stick around for a long time. The downside is that by the end of the night, my lips do start to feel quite parched but I think it's also the change in the weather that's contributing to the overall dryness of my skin and lips.

Crush is very similar in tone to my other autumnal drugstore gem, Wet'n'Wild Dark Wine, although the Revlon stain is much lighter in terms of intensity so a lot more subtle and less vampy. You can also see the difference in texture in my arm swatches; Wet'n'Wild is creamier, Revlon more waxy, while the Fresh tinted balm in Plum is a lot more oily and glossy.
L-R: Revlon Balm Stain in Smitten, Revlon Balm Stain in Crush, Fresh Sugar Treatment in Plum, Wet'n'Wild Silk Finish lipstick in Dark Wine
Lastly, here I am wearing Crush on my lips with a simple neutral eye courtesy of the Balm Nude'Tude and Milani Berry Amore baked blush on my cheeks. Very classy, don't you think?
What is your favorite easy to wear dark lip? Which shades of Revlon Kissable Balm Stains do you think I should add to my wishlist?


  1. It looks great on you! I really love the Honey Balm Stain. x

  2. This looks gorgeous on you! I have a bunch of the Tarte lip pencils so I can't justify picking these up just yet but I love how Smitten and Crush look in your swatches! I like using TheBalm's Stainiac to give my lips a bold but longlasting and low maintenance pop of berry red :)

  3. It looks gorgeous on you Rocaille. I got a nude one which frankly doesn't leave a kissable look, kinda dry actually, but I keep seeing raves over the darker shades. I need to get me some...

  4. That's the next thing on my list! <3

  5. This is absolutely beautiful on you! I have been wanting a light, berry/plummy stain lately for fall and would consider this if I didn't dislike the formula so much. I already have really dry lips and I find these Balm Stains SUPER drying and uncomfortable on. I do really want Fresh Sugar Plum though--it's exactly the kind of lip product I like to buy (i.e sheer and very balmy and moisturizing)

    1. Becca, if you don't mind a lightly used one, I could actually send you the Fresh balm in Plum - this shade doesn't agree with my skintone all that well ;( Let me know!