Monday, November 19, 2012

Lipstick Bandit Vamps: Dark Cherries

This time, our Lipstick Bandit crew decided to tackle a very important subject of vampy lipstick. Also, this time I get to be the enfant terrible of the band because of my indecisiveness and have not one, but two lipsticks to show you in this post!
To be honest, vampy lips is something I don't really go for and as you all know, I'm not one to shy away from a bold lipstick. I think that due to my fair skintone, wearing a very dark lip often ends up in me looking literally like a vampire - drained face and bruised lips, which is something I prefer to reserve for Halloween. But I believe I've found my solution: using a classic ultra vampy shade, Revlon Black Cherry, to darken other bold lipsticks up, like this long-time favorite, Sleek Cherry. It's a double cherry WHAM! (So I'm never gonna dance again, The way I danced with you, ooh…)
I've only got my hands on Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick in Black Cherry very recently and I do admit it's one of the more difficult lipsticks to work with; it has a tendency to spread unevenly, on its own it clings to dry patches, on top of lip balm it just slides around. Black Cherry is a beautiful, beautiful mulberry shade though that reminds me of chocolate covered cherries, so I am willing to overlook the imperfect formula. Just pair it with a creamier lipstick and it does look wonderful and smooth!
I featured Sleek True Colour lipstick in Cherry a few times already, so there's not much left to write about that - I still love this dark cool-toned red and wear it frequently in the fall/winter season. If you wanted to stick to the dark cherry theme, Revlon's Black Cherry also looks fantastic paired with Revlon's Cherries in the Snow, another pinky red; ultimately, the combination of a berry red with darker purple tones of Black Cherry is my perfect vampy lip that I still feel comfortable wearing out.
Here you can see some arm swatches for comparisons between shades and the combos I came up with; this whole mixing business makes me feel very much like an artist...
L-R: Revlon Black Cherry, Sleek Cherry, Revlon Cherries in the Snow; Black Cherry + Cherry, Black Cherry + Cherries in the Snow
And here's Revlon Black Cherry and Sleek Cherry paired with a simple daytime smokey eye; I wore this look yesterday to work. It's definitely not for the faint-hearted but I think it's not too much for a vampy lip - what do you say?

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Do you ever wear a vampy lip? What is your go-to vampy lip product?


  1. My god! Everyone's vamp post is HITTING THE SPOT. I just recovered from smashing my head into the keyboard from Rae's post. Excuse me while I do it again.

  2. You're looking lovely, dear! (and I am always impress by how fast your hair grows, lol)

  3. Those are gorgeous. I really like Black Cherry and Wine Not (also from Revlon). x

  4. I love your face, Monika! :) The lipsticks are beautiful, and so is your glowing eye makeup (and the cozy big knit).

  5. Monika!! Your gorgeous face and hair! This shade looks lovely on you!
    That's the second Revlon Lipstick mentioned! I need to check them out!

  6. Ohhhh it looks lovely on you!
    It looks very chic and elegant... Love it!
    I'm not brave enough yet to wear dark lipsticks, I have a fair skin as well and find it difficult to find a shade that works for me!
    Have a nice evening! :-)



  7. I LOVE THAT LAST SHOT. You look like a snow princess :D :D :D

  8. Oh my god, MONIKA THE ACTUAL SNOW PRINCESS. This post is killing me, dearling.

  9. So lovely! I agree with Larie, both shots are beautiful but the last shot is absolutely jaw dropping.

    I hope you wear these shades together frequently, it's truly an ideal winter shade on your lips!
    ♥ Jessica

  10. I have Cherries in the Snow & have been struggling with how to make it wearable on me (NARS Mont Blanc for reference). Off to play 'artist' with my lipsticks!

  11. hehe oh you are a rebel! I really love how you paired these two shades, it looks perfect on you! And the rest of your makeup is GORGEOUS as well, looks so wonderfully holiday-ish :D

  12. You are so adorable! I actually have Black Cherry, but it somehow doesn't perform very well for me. I think I may have gotten a bad tube, coz no one else seems to be having the same problem as me. It's such a gorgeous shade, though, and I really love what you've created by layering the 2 lipsticks. :)

  13. Oh this is *gorgeous* on you!! I'm feeling really inspired to do my own take on a vampy lip, and I don't even wear lipstick!! :P

  14. These are so pretty!! What a lovely variety of cherries. I haven't tried any of Revlon's lipsticks (just their lip butters), but now I want to!––though I'm bummed about the formula on Black Cherry. And, well, not like I need any more red/vampy lipsticks...just see if that stops me, though!

  15. What a lovely berry colour!! You look so pretty with it. Not vampy at all actually ;-)

  16. Beautiful look! So glad I stumbled upon this blog. Following now. <3

  17. Monika, you beautiful creature!!!!!! What are you wearing on your eyes and is that your natural hair colour? Love the whole look so much. I think my fave from the swatches is Sleek Cherry, but the whole cherry theme is just awesome. <3

    1. I think the eyes are Fyrinnae's Evocation loose shadow and this is my natural color with some highlights - thank you, lovely :) Sleek Cherry is a staple in my collection!

  18. Gorgeousness! You have amazing lips

  19. Monika, I love your look! Like Rae and Larie said, snow princess!

  20. I love burgundy lipstick. W7 chestnut, Charlotte Tilbury night crimson, NARS audacious Audrey and Revlon lip butter red velvet are my current favourites