Monday, July 29, 2013

Christmas in July: bareMinerals The Finer Things Eyeshadow Palette

So, this is not the 'Christmas in July' post that features beauty brands' mid-summer preview of their holiday offerings as presented to the press... This is the Christmas in July where I, in fact, show you a pick from last year's Christmas (quelle horreur!) because, well, it's lovely and I purchased it at a great price - how does that sound?
The objet in question is bareMinerals The Finer Things Eyeshadow Palette, (LE Christmas 2012, currently unavailable but I ordered mine from for $25 reduced from $40). Truth is, I had some money stashed away in store credit and I was looking to spend it on a new eye palette to satisfy my usual palette cravings (cause I hadn't gotten a palette thus far this year!) and was almost convinced to get the LORAC Pro. But... I looked at the swatches, thought about it, looked at my stash of predominantly neutral shadows... and bareMinerals The Finer Things just called my name.

The palette features 8 mineral-based eyeshadows with a variety of finishes, housed in a very simple silver case (minimalist aesthetic aside, it's an absolute fingerprint magnet) with eyeshadow names on the back, as with other bareMinerals READY eyeshadows. I own only one more bareMinerals READY product, which is the Truth quad from the permanent line (click!) so I already knew that the formulation of these eyeshadows is an absolute dream: creamy, smooth, pigmented, long-lasting with minimal fallout. And this palette is definitely on par with the quality I came to expect.
In terms of the shades themselves, I'm happy that I decided to purchase The Finer Things over LORAC Pro, because I would view the bareMinerals selection as 'neutrals with a twist' as opposed to more classic neutral shades. Left to right, we have Penthouse, a matte black with bigger silver shimmers, Custom Made, a pinkish champagne with a pearl finish, Cadeau, a medium satin grey with a violet twinge, Truffle, a warm metallic bronze, First Class, a unique antique gold/ platinum with a pearl finish, Upgrade, a medium purpley taupe (flail!), Five Star, a pigmented matte white, and finally Private Isle, a satin navy with a hint of purple. By the way, I find all the shade names adorable and very much in line with the feel of the palette; I might be silly but it really does evoke a sense of effortless luxury to me.

The palette also came with a double-ended brush (actually, not too bad at all!), a deluxe sample of Prime Time eyeshadow primer that I might include in some eye primer round-up some time in the future, and a little leaflet with diagrams showing eye look ideas, which I'm planning on actually trying out as some color combinations are not what I would usually go for - I'll probably try to cull those looks into a semi-presentable post in the next week or so.

All in all, I'm very excited about my bargain find and can't wait to try more looks with these shades; I'm especially looking forward to trying out the gorgeous grey of Cadeau and using the navy Private Isle as a color accent. Have you ever scored a great beauty find in the post Christmas sales? What are your favorite bareMinerals palettes?


  1. This unbeliveably gorgoeus!

  2. Love the look of this palette! The colours are fabulous! And what a great deal!

  3. These shades make surprisingly lovely combinations! And hurray for bargain :D

    1. I was surprised how wearable this is! Oh, and BTW - US Sephora now has some bareMinerals palettes on sale, including The Star Treatment one for $25!

  4. Ahhh, you make this look amazing! Love the blue so much. BM makeup is pretty great but totally glides under the radar. I always get the urge to collect these palettes every time a new one is released.

  5. I got this from too! Actually I got the Star Treatment palette the month before I got this (I think it's sold out now) and like that one just as much. $25 for a bunch of gorgeous shades, what a deal!

  6. Such a pretty palette, I've always wanted to get my hands on some BareMinerals but thus far haven't brought any palettes home with me!