Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Project Pan That Palette 2016: Update #3

It's hard to believe, but I have now been using ONE eyeshadow palette for six months straight! That's half of the year gone wearing the same palette day in day out. I mean... Wow. But yes, another two months have passed, and I wanted to show you my progress. Just to recap, here's how my theBalm Nude'Tude Eyeshadow Palette looked like at the end of April:
My palette after 4 months of use, April 2016.
At that point, after four months of use, I had hit pan on three shades: Sassy, a pearly white, Stubborn, a light pink, and Selfish, a greyed taupe. I also had some dips going on in Snobby, a pale yellow, and Sultry, a warm medium brown - as you can tell, I'd definitely been staying within the lighter half of the palette, which isn't surprising considering my fair skintone as well as my opinion on some of the darker shades in this palette, expressed here. Now here's how my palette is looking today:
My palette after 6 months of use, June 2016.
MOAR progress! I have now also hit pan on Stand-offish, a metallic champagne, and Sultry, my matte crease shade. I have also further expanded the pan on Sassy, and have good dips going on Snobby, Schitzo and Serious. To be honest, I think I'm just milimeters away of hitting pan on the matte black, which I use to either darken my lashline or set my black pencil liner. I have also sporadically used Stubborn, the light pink shade, but the pan hasn't moved really, and I have not touched Selfish since hitting pan - it's not my favorite taupe in general, but I also haven't been feeling very cool-toned eyeshadow looks.

My plan for the next two months is to hit pan on Snobby, Serious and Schitzo - although I feel that this last one will be a bit of a struggle because this shade is firmly pressed in the pan and also has great pigmentation. I would also like to expand the pan on Sassy, Stand-offish and Sultry, and deepen the dip in Sexy, a matte burgundy. Even though I use Sexy multiple times a week to darken the outer corner of my eyes, this shade is pigmented and hard pressed in the pan, so my progress is very slow.
And there you go! My current feelings about panning this palette oscillate between 'OMG, I've never hit pan on so many eyeshadows in my life!' to 'Why the f*ck am I even doing this'. I have realized that there's no way I'm going to finish this palette within the span of a year - I don't even think I would empty it completely within two years. I'm not sure how other 'palette panners' do it, but I just don't use that much eyeshadow in one application. And I'm certainly not going to rock smokey eyes for four months just to use up the dark shades in my palette.

While I'm okay with not finishing the palette and simply putting in my best effort instead to see how far I can get, I often question my motives to continue this Project. I have a lot of eyeshadows I like better than this palette that I have not touched in 6 months, because I'm stubborn like that - once I decide to do a panning project, I want to do it the best I can, even if I would rather wear different products, or a different style of make-up altogether. On the other hand, I'm glad I've embarked on Pan That Palette this year, because the project has very effectively quenched my interest in new eyeshadow palettes, as well as taught me valuable lessons about my own preferences when it comes to eyeshadow. So there's that - I do think it was worth it - but am I still learning new things now, after 6 months of panning? I'm not so sure.

So these are the thoughts running through my mind most days when I open up the Nude'Tude to do my eye make-up. I haven't really come to any conclusions and for now I just keep going, but I do sometimes incorporate other eyeshadows, housed in my small Z-Palette (shown here), to break the routine a little bit. I will tell you now I'm definitely not doing this Project next year - and possibly, never again. I actually seriously question if I should wrap it up at the end of September, before my baby is due - realistically, I don't think I'll be wearing much eyeshadow for the last three months out of the year.

Anyway, how are my fellow panners doing? Do you ace your powder products, or are they always a bit of a challenge? I find all powders pretty hard - even face setting/ finishing powders move very slowly around here, despite daily usage. Do you have any tips?


  1. I think ending the project in September sounds like a good compromize between just ending it now and waiting it out till the end of the year. Plus as you said, you likely won't wear much eyeshadow once your child arrives, and since you were going to toss the palette at the end of the year any way it would just be taking up space for those last couple months.

  2. I started a project pan 2 months before having a baby (16 months ago) I decided on 2 quad (lancome palette) and 2 quint (Dior palettes) and after 16 months I didn't finished any of them. I made serous damage thought and I do think that I will trash them January 1st of 2017 ... But I still use them 2 to 3 time a week... I start using some eyeshadows as highlighter and blush so it help making good progress on them.

    As for the baby coming in September you are right the first 2-3 months you won't wear any makeup, maybe in December because of the holidays but you will mostly spend your time in your house. But you won't have time like before to do your makeup so maybe keep it because you will just know how to do a look on auto drive (and sleep deprive LOL)

    1. Hi Valerie! Thanks for chiming in, it was great to hear your perspective especially that you've had a baby recently. I think it's fantastic that you got so much use out of your smaller palettes and after over a year of usage, I would probably want to part with them too even if they're not completely used up. Just treat yourself to something nice and fresh for a change of pace, right?

      I've been using a mix of the white pearl and pale yellow from my palette as a highlighter too and it works quite well. I figured I'll mostly be at home the first few months but I'm hoping to be able to put a little make-up on just for my own sake, to feel more put together. I didn't think about keeping the same products though - you're right, it would make it so much easier to just put together a look without having to think about it!

  3. I'm trying to pan 1 eye shadow. That's it. It' a really easy color to use too, since it's a matte ivory beige shade that's great as a base and also as brow highlight. It's a MAC eye shadow, an old LE called Chamomile. I've used it a lot last month, and I can already see significant dip. If I continue, I might hit pan in another 2 months? I don't think I can ever do what you did here though. It's amazing you can, but I think I'd go bonkers. Hahahaha! I'm never focused enough to do it :-D
    Oh, and you're right too. When the baby is out, for the first few months, makeup is the very last thing on your mind!

  4. If you feel you've gotten all the creativity you can out of the palette, I don't think you're bound by anything to continue with it all the way to September. You've achieved what you set out to do - you've hit pan on several shades, and shown yourself that you can use a single palette for several months and feel satisfied.
    What more do you owe to anyone - especially yourself? Hitting this 'arrgh" point, you've learned even more about your own preferences and limits! Makeup is about play - feel proud and go forth!

    1. I think the only thing I'm bound by is my own stubborness at this point :) You know, I think I want to hit pan on two more shadows, and then I'll slowly wean myself off this palette. I recently went through my eyeshadow stash again, culled some shadows and depotted another palette, and what I like to do now is see what other shadows/ bases/ eyeliners from my stash compliment the Nude'Tude really well. But you're so right - it is all about play and having fun. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. I admire your resilience and the way you stick to projects in ways I never seem to be able to, but I think scooting out of this challenge isn't a crazy idea. I find this challenge really interesting in that you don't have to rid yourself of the palette at the completion of the challenge, which differs from other projects I see around. The only palettes I would probably try this with are my UD Naked's or my Too Faced Bon Bons...to be honest I've been reaching for that like it's a challenge of mine, such is my love for it!