Friday, March 20, 2009

Ins and Outs

This is a really cool idea that some of my favorite bloggers have been effectuating, so I wanted to check it out too :)

1) My parents coming to Vancouver
Yay, they have eventually decided to come! They'll be here for about 2 weeks after visiting my brother in New York. I want to show them everything! My mom especially hopes to see some racoons in Stanley Park.
2) Franciszek
Franciszek is our friends' son who was born this Tuesday night. We haven't seen him yet, but I'm really loooking forward to it. We are thinking what to get him when we come visit; any suggestions?
3) Easter packages
Since we're not spending Easter together with my parents, my mom decided to send me and my brother Easter packages with candy and little gifts. Me and Mateusz have also thought it would be nice to send something like that to my parents and Mateusz's family. I have already researched shipping options, but we don't know what to put inside the packages yet...
4) French tip manicure
I bought the Art Deco white nail polish (it has a very fine brush applicator) while we were in the US last week, so I was finally able to do it! Yesterday was the first time I ever tried it and have to say I like it :) I got complimented on my nails by a waitress and even my love said they look nice... like plastic ;P
5) Pixiwoo channel
I found it yesterday through lollipop26's blog and I adore these girls. They have the most amazing tutorials on Spring/Summer 2009 fashion looks and very professional videos on recreating period looks, like this one:

So inspirational!

1) Weather
Last week in Seattle and this week in Vancouver have been glum and rainy beyond imagination. I hate to wake up in the morning just to see a thick, grey layer of clouds hanging above the city. It simply drains all the energy out of me. And the weather forecast for next week is not any better than that... I tried to convince myself that the spring is coming by buying a violet hyacinth - it smells great!
2) Laundry
I really dislike doing laundry lately. We don't have a washing machine in our apartment, so I go down to the building's laundry room at the second floor. Each time, I have to cruise between the laundry room and our apartment 4 times to finish the whole washing-rinsing-drying process. The halls in our building are really cold, so I always have a temperature shock when I enter the corridor. And lastly, some people out there are so impatient that once your washing/drying cycle finishes, they don't wait for you to come and take your clothes, but they take them out of the machine themselves. Hate it! I would never touch someone's clothes and I hate the feeling that some stranger has been touching my fresh laundry...
3) My rock-climbing attitude
I am quite mad at my own attitude towards rock-climbing. I've been promising myself to change it and Wednesday morning I even felt a tiny bit enthousiastic about going to a climbing gym, but when the time came to actually go there, I lost all my motivation and was so miserable... Eventually it turned out to be ok, but I just shoot myself in the foot with my whining and "I don't want this, I can't do this" thoughts. It's like an emotional sabotage.
4) Waiting for so long to start out my own blog :)


  1. You live in Vancouver!? COOL! I have family over there :)

  2. Yep, I'll be here in Vancouver until July... And then I go back to Warsaw :) But OF COURSE I like Vancouver better, it's fabulous!