Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas gift ideas

For all of us, late shoppers, a little peek at what Santa will bring my family this year...

La Senza PJ's with a long sleeved top with ruffles on the front and this super dainty chick patterned pants for my Mum! Mum definitely has a thing for pretty but comfy nightwear, and La Senza sets are absolutely spot on. I have one myself and actually have to force myself to take it off in the mornings :) The fabric is very soft and warm, just perfect for the winter season.

Sequined headbands for my husband's little sisters. Estera, who's 12, is more of a rock chic kinda girl so she'll be sporting the black one, and Wiktoria, 14, likes brighter colors, hence the ultramarine one is for her.

These cute china ornaments are also for the girls, but I haven't (I mean... Santa hasn't!) decided whom will get what. Tough choice!

This wooden bathroom set is for my brother, currently obsessed with decorating his apartment. Check out how cute this toothbrush holder is, I'm sure it's going to put a smile on my brother's face every time he brushes his teeth!

I'm going to use these gift bags from KappAhl to wrap some of the presents. KappAhl is actually a clothing store and we got these free at the checkout when buying something (I'm not going to say what, because he might be reading) for hubs. While not entirely Christmassy, I think those patterns are absolutely adorable, this set might be one of the best freebie ideas I've come across in a long time!

And look what Santa will be bringing me! I must have been an awfully good girl this year... I'm wondering what that could possibly be...

Which one of your gift ideas are you most proud of this year?


  1. Oooooohh! I can't wait to find out what's in the Sephora box! Lovely pressies... I love those gift bags. What an excellent freebie! xxx

  2. Hah, me too :) Although I have a feeling it might be something from my Christmas wishlist... And those bags come really handy! xxx

  3. Oh what beautiful gifts! You can tell how much thought you have put into each thing, so lovely :)

  4. Thank you, sweetie :) I always try to get something that I would actually enjoy myself :) xxx

  5. This is a lovely idea for a post..hope nobody on receiving end reads it! Anything with the magic word 'Sephora' on it makes my heart go pitter pat...I wonder what's inside your present?!
    My Ma also loves cosy PJs. In fact, you've got me thinking now that a trip to La Senza might be a good idea!

  6. Naah, only my husband knows about this blog and I haven't said a word about his pressies :)

    My brother got me this little Sephora box, he got a great coupon for Sephora and Empik (it's like a bookstore with music, DVD and so on) from his work, plus he had a 20% off at Sephora! Gotta make use of it :)

    I really recommend La Senza, I have quite a few of their underwear as well, very comfy and great quality! xxx

  7. I love the La Senza PJs - I ordered my mum the robin ones today - can't wait to see her face when she opens them :) x

  8. Yay, La Senza PJs rule this Christmas! Have you seen the ones with animal print cupcakes? They're just beyond words!!! I'm sure your mum will be very pleased with them :) xxx