Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lush Sweet and Dreamy set

Look what Santa got me for Christmas!

My husband hid my Christmas presents in the closet so that I wouldn't peek too often at them and try to guess what was inside those pretty boxes, but with this one, it wasn't all that difficult to guess... Every time Iopened the closet door, I could smell something lovely and sweet and I just knew it was Lush!

This set includes Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Dreamtime Bath Melt, The Comforter Bubble Bar, Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb, Ring of Roses Buttercream, Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion, Therapy Massage Bar and Waving not Drowning Bath Bomb. Phew, a lot! I'd say Lush put some classics in here, like Honey I Washed the Kids or Comforter, as well as some more original products such as both the bath bombs or buttercream.

I haven't tried everything yet (that would be a Lush overdose!), but already have some favorites. All of these products have a similar scent line and complement each other well, so thumbs up for the idea! Personally, I like best the smell of Therapy Massage Bar, the famous Honey I Washed the Kids soap and Dreamtime Bath Melt, and the least favorites scents for me would be Dream Cream lotion, Vanilla Fountain bath bomb and Ring of Roses Buttercream.

Now, onto the products I tried in more detail...

I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of bath bombs in general; in my book, no bubbles equals half the bath fun, so Vanilla Fountain left me a bit disappointed. It smells nice, sweet but fresh at the same time, but the scent doesn't linger on the skin and the bath water doesn't feel any special apart from the fact that it turns yellow.

Similarly, I have very mixed feelings for Dream Cream lotion. In the tub, it smells fresh and herbal, but not 100% pleasant for me. Well, I can kind of see past that (although just 'ok' scented products from Lush defeat the purpose a bit, don't they?) since it's jam-packed with healthy essential oils and other natural ingredients, such as oat milk, rose water, olive oil, cocoa butter or chamomile oil. However, once on the skin, at first it smells a bit oatmealy, and then just like your typical body or hand lotion, a fresh, soapy scent. It's a very smooth emulsion that sinks well into the skin and it does a great job at moisturizing. I keep it at a bedside table and apply a dab whenever I feel my skin is dry and tight. I use it to moisturize my lips as well and I have to say I quite like it for that, it leaves them soft and plump and has no taste whatsoever.

Honey I Washed the Kids had made its way permanently to my bathroom now, and I almost can't believe I didn't like its smell when I had a sniff in the store a couple of months ago, so I'm really glad it was in the set and got a second chance. I'm lusting after the solid perfume version right now, and with the buy 1 get 2 offer in my local Lush store at the moment, it's just a question of time.

Honestly, Sweet and Dreamy just fuelled my love for Lush and I just adore how special bathtime feels now... Which just got me thinking it's almost bathtime now...

Have you got anything from Lush for Christmas? What are your favorites? xxx


  1. I love Lush. I got the Viva Lush Vegas set and I'm slowly working my way through it! x

  2. i love honey i washed the kids. they currently have the fragrance spray available for a limited time as well!

    i picked up the christmas themed bombs and bars, and whatever else--still haven't finished them :)

  3. @Lauren Loves: I can certainly understand your love, I just went to Lush again yesterday and got some more holiday stuff on sale! xxx

    @Ane: Oh, I just bought the solid perfume, the smell is just amazing :) xxx