Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Vancouver

I know I vanished a little unexpectedly, but I thought I could squeeze in a couple of posts before going to Vancouver for Christmas, but well, I didn't - so those other posts will have to wait until I get back as the photos for them are still on this other camera which I didn't take with me.

This is (or was) my first Christmas away from home, just me and hubby this time, and it was both interesting and a bit sad to spend it differently than I usually do. My family is very close together and each year we gather at my aunt's apartment to celebrate, talk, stuff ourselves silly, all the good stuff. But this year, with my husband's work, he had to stay in Canada and I decided to join him, so it's both the first Christmas we spend together as a married couple and the first Christmas we spend away from our family.

Due to weather conditions last week in Europe, I had to have my airplane ticket changed completely and for a couple of terrible hours at the airport in Warsaw I thought that I wouldn't even depart at all! It was a close call, but after another 20 hours or so, I did finally arrive in Vancouver, finding my husband grinning in the arrivals hall and some deliciously smelling Lush stuff in the bathroom after we got home.

I spent a considerable time in the kitchen this year, making pierogi (obviously not nearly as good as my mother's, but hey ho, she had years to practice, and actual access to Polish ingredients!) and Christmas star cookies, for which I am quite renowned by now.

We spent Christmas meeting friends, reading, devouring great food, talking, going for walks, drinking coffee and vanilla bean tea, sleeping late and just being together. All of that in Vancouver. Not bad, huh?

Enough rambling for now, my dears. I have at least a couple post ideas resurfacing, and I hope to lay them down before New Year's. How have you spent your Christmas? What are your plans for New Year's Eve? Drop me a line below, I'd love to know! xxx


  1. Vancouver looks cool! your cookies look delish :D

  2. Aw that sure sounds amazing and very cozy, even though I'm sure it would have been a little strange to not be with your family. I'm so glad you were able to get there in one piece with all that crazy weather in Europe!

    Your cookies look just delightful!! I can't believe NYE is here already! We will be going to dinner at a nice restaurant and heading down to the harbour for the fireworks I think!! Can't wait to see what you are upto!! :) xx

  3. The cookies look so brilliant! Hope you enjoyed the Holidays even though you werent in poland!! xx

  4. @em: Thanks, sweetie :) Unfortunately they turned out a bit too sugary this year, I'll have to modify the recipe a bit...

    @Sarah: Awww, fireworks! From what I've heard, fireworks here in Canada don't even compare to the shows we have in Poland...

    @Tali: Thank you, hun! I think you know it very well too how different Christmas can feel away from home - but still very nice! xxx

  5. i'm glad you got to be with your hubby..and i'm sure he was glad too! next year, you'll just have to make it a point to do it in poland :) was it weird being back to vancouver?

  6. @Ane: Hey girl! Yeah, next year will defo be in Poland... Being back in Vancouver actually felt like back home, I realized how much I missed Vancouver during those couple of months :) xxx