Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last fortnight has mainly been spent...

Juste encore une minute by ineedchemicalx

- away on a winter trip to Polish Beskidy mountains with my family, overindulging in caffe latte and various yummy desserts at reasonably priced cafes, as opposed to what you get in Warsaw, taking long walks and inhaling fresh mountain air
- furiously using up my Project 5 Pan products, which seem to refuse to go
- getting used to uni again after the winter break
- discussing the subject of the MA thesis with my tutor
- teaching my dad English, he made his mind after months of hesitating and I'm really proud of him!
- being slightly more optimistic about the state of my skin, maybe my new 'mystery' product has finally started working? Fingers crossed it's not just a temporary improvement...
- catching a cold and trying to fight a runny nose with lavender essential oil; I think I'm on the mend now
- planning a shopping Saturday with my mom
- thinking of upcoming posts for the blog; drop me a line in the comments if you have any suggestions, I'm experiencing a lil' bit of a drought, so your help will be much appreciated!

Have a fantastic end of the week everyone xxx


  1. Latte, yummy :)
    I would love any kind of posts that you like x

  2. Thank you, sweetie :) I have some ideas so watch out this space! x

  3. mystery product? im intrigued... but your skin looks perfect anyway! we just need some spring weather to make us look better!

  4. Thank you for the sweet compliment, but perfect it is not, and you'll see that in my review to come; together with an 'after' shot, I hope :) I can't wait for spring and some sunlight! xxx

  5. I am trying Project 5 pan is slow going ESPECIALLY for eyeshadow! I always seem to want to use a different one...

  6. I know what you mean hun, I'm so bored of using the same products every day! I have to admit I've never actually used up a whole eyeshadow... but one of the trios I have is nearing its life, so who knows, maybe one day :) xxx