Friday, February 5, 2010

Well hello Ms. Spring!

Just look at this little dudette hanging around on my childhood photo!

I think she's been woken up by sunbeams coming through the window in my room... It's kind of cool realizing that she must have been sleeping tight somewhere for those couple of months, and now she's keeping me company :) This just totally made my day.

Have you seen any signs of spring already?


  1. What an adorable photograph! I love ladybirds. xxx

  2. @Dye-A-Graham: I certainly hope so! Also, ladybugs eat some rose-eating insect nasties... xxx

    @loveaudrey: Thanks, sweetie! This one must be a pretty old one judging from the number of dots! xxx

  3. Im scared of them!! Anything with wings creeps me out! But what a lovely story!!! :)) xx

  4. Hahah she scared me too when she started buzzing like crazy at midnight yesterday... ;) xxx