Friday, October 29, 2010

October Favorites with a Twist

... meaning, there's no make-up, no skincare, not even a bath product! I'd say completely non-beauty related if it weren't for that one perfume, but I just had to include it. I've simply been quite a good girl recently and haven't bought any new cosmetics, and the stuff that I have... didn't really inspire me all that much. You know how it is sometimes.

Oh, and because it's October, I had to throw a pumpkin in there as well.

Something for the smell... This month I've been loving my new Cacharel Amor Amor eau de toilette which I got at TJMaxx for mere $20! I used to have a sample of it around wintertime a couple of years ago, and I like this sweeter, stronger scent with an edge a lot for the colder season. A quick search tells me Amor Amor is based around the notes of mandarin, black currant, melati blossom, lily of the valley, white musk and grey amber.

Soy Scentsations candle smelling deliciously of snickerdoodles is another strong favorite: I just love the cinnamony sweetness, and I think it's a perfect choice for this time of year.

Something for the mind... 'A Vintage Affair' by Isabel Wolff is a great, relaxing read for a rainy October evening. If you like fashion, and especially vintage fashion, touching wartime stories, a touch of romance and a serious feel-good factor, you're going to love it! This novel has clearly been behind some of my latest outfits.

For music buffs or simply fans of Kazuo Ishiguro (like me), I'd recommend 'Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall'. I usually prefer novels to short stories, but this has been a truly beautiful read which stayed with me for days after finishing it. I loved the range and atmosphere of these pieces together with the laconic yet revealing emotional portrayal of the main characters.

Something for the hearing... Sam Sparro by Sam Sparro (2008). Let alone for the unforgettable Black & Gold (have you seen the choreography to this song on the latest 'Fame' movie?). Before I got my hands on this record, I'd been 100% sure Sam Sparro must a singer of color, he just has this perfect deep voice... I've been really into electro-pop lately, maybe because of the weather related lack of energy.

Something for the sight... My Christmas cactus, which reminds me so much of mum, who used to have a lot of these around the house. It's called 'grudniaczek' in Polish, which means a 'December plant'. These beautiful fuschia pink flower buds start to blossom around the time of year when it's dark for more than 12 hours. It's fascinating!

Something for the taste... Valrhona Caraïbe dark chocolate and Jivarra milk chocolate. The first one for its voluptous notes of dried fruits, the second for its creamy aftertaste of vanilla and malt. Chocolate lover's heaven!

And something for the vanity... Alice in the Wonderland themed stud earrings from Claire's. They came in a set of three pairs, but these two have been my favorites. For the price, they're surprisingly good quality. I just love those dinky clockfaces and little pink magic potion bottles, perfect for a fun but subtle accent to an everyday look.

What has been on your favorites' list lately? Have a thrilling Halloween weekend! xxx


  1. How nice! :) I love how you photographed everything! :)
    aww.. the plant looks nice :) Its something that would remind me of my mom too :3 She loves gardening :P
    You've been doing quite a bit of reading, I see :)
    I wish I could read more for leisure but for now its just textbooks ><
    I want to do an October's favorites post too! :P

  2. @Kay: My mum is a keen gardener as well :) I know what you mean, I need to get back into the swing of my studying and read some pretty difficult textbooks too :( Can't wait to read your favorites post! xxx

  3. I am loving this post, it's refreshing to see favorites like this one!:D

    I like that perfume too. Have a great weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Thank you, writing it was a lot of fun! Amor Amor rocks :) xxx

  5. Wonderful post honey. I NEED those studs xxx

  6. now this is my favorite post all week! beautiful photography, and i love these items you've covered. I'm going to have a look at that Kazuo read. Have a fabulous weekend! x

  7. @loveaudrey: They were quite bargainous as well! xxx

    @fantastic: Thank you, dear :) I forgot to add that King County Library System is a favorite too ;) See you soon! x

  8. Your photography is so nice! And tell us how you like A Vintage Affair :P

  9. Thank you, hun! A Vintage Affair is definitely a great chick flick read, if that's yours kind of thing! x

  10. That candle sounds like it smells so good!

  11. It does! I put it on top of my chest of drawers and every time I pull out a sweater, I smell some delicious cookies :) Yum!