Friday, October 22, 2010

Rocaille of the Day: Purples'n'Berries

I'm on the Outfit of the Day roll! Here goes another autumnal look from last weekend when we headed to Botanical Garden. It was very chilly and I regreted not having taken a scarf with me, but still, I was quite happy with the outfit: simple and comfortable with trendy touches, just how I like my weekend wear.

Light grey tee: C&A, last seen here
Purple cardi: H&M
Skinny jeans: Hollister Co., Laguna Skinny
Boots: Aldo, last seen here
Purple glass beads: Primark
Leather belt: Hollister Co.

Lips: NYX Long Lip Pencil in Deep Purple, last seen here
Nails: China Glaze 'Frostbite', see my review here
Hair: Air dried and styled with hair spray

As you can see, my skin is back to its pale, wintery self, but I quite like how it looks with a darker lip. What is your favorite dark lipstick at the moment? Hope you enjoyed this one and have a great weekend! xxx


  1. first: what a great purple cardigan and I really loved the photos!!
    You look really cute in this outfit!
    2nd; I really like the MAC new collection and I always like the Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel lipsticks, but well...just in dreams for now**

  2. Thank you, sweetie! Ehem, I know what you mean... YSL and Chanel are a bit off-limits for me as well at the moment ;) xxx

  3. your lips look lovely, that berry tone looks perfect against your pale skin! and the photographs look so professional, and you look so model like, esp. in the first one.

  4. The first picture is so fun.:D Nice shot.:D

    It's a cute outfit and your makeup is so fresh. Loving the dark lips.:D

    I am loving MAC Russian Red and Media.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. You're beautiful! Really like your style and the pictures are great.

    I love all kinds of dark lipsticks, I haven't dig up the reds yet, I tend to keep them for the really dark Wintery days and use the dark plums and berry shades in Fall. I like YSL Rouge Volupte in Dirty Burgundy, Mac London Life, Mac Rebel, Illamasqua Move... I'm all about non-nude lips!

  6. You look so gorgeous! Quite simple and yet stunning! The lip colour is to die for ;) x

  7. The jumping photo is so cool, you can see you had a lot of fun doing it!! Actually, you remind me of a trendy Peter Pan! Oh, and I love Botanical Gardens, my college at University was just in front of the city's Botanical Garden and I used to spend a lot of time there, revising or meditating :) Still on the lookout for the perfect dark lipstick for my skintone, but I have found a couple of really nice purplish glosses which I'm loving a the moment (one's an Armani stain and the other one is by another Italian brand, diego dalla palma). Hope you have a great - and no doubt stylish - weekend, xx

  8. @Binia: Thank you, hun! All the photo credits have to go to my husband, but I have to say that he started to lose his patience with my jumping shots ;)

    @Marie: I've never tried Media, will have to look into this one! Thanks for the tip :) xxx

    @Marielle: I'm also not a great fan of nude lips, tend to look quite deadly on me... I've found some nice shades at the drugstore, I'm thinking of writing a post on inexpensive darker lip products.

    @Marina: Thank you, dear! I really like this shade as well, but unfortunately it is quite drying :( x

    @Anna: I really like Botanical Gardens too... In Warsaw, there's on close to and on the roof of University Library - I used to spend hours there! The one here in Bellevue was a bit disappointing though :( Have a fantastic weekend too, hun! xxx

  9. You look so beautiful and the first picture is so so so happy. :) Adore the way your skin looks with that gorgeous hair and berry lipstick. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! x

  10. that jumping photo is so fun! i'm really loving mac's brickola, it's a nice dark red perfect for autumn.

  11. Such a lovely post. I love your outfit and the pictures are fantastic! I really like the colours your chose, I'm a big fan of purple (clothes and make up).

    I have a dark purple Armani lipstick on today. It's definitely an Autumn colour!
    Jane x

  12. i love the first photo! i'm slowly working my way into dark lipsticks..October is nearly over, and I need to face the fact that it is fall.

  13. @Little Rus: Thank you, hun! I guess my hair looks more red in overcast weather :) x

    @Superficial girl: I wish I could find a nice creamy lipstick in the same shade as this liner!

    @Helen: Dark reds are right up my alley!

    @Jane: Purple is one of my fav colors as well, but I think only the darker shades suit me - lilac tends to wash me out unfortunately... xxx

    @Ane: I think with the weather today it's easy to believe it's autumn :( Hate that rain! x

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  15. I think u look beautiful!!! :)