Friday, October 15, 2010

Bioelements Skincare Routine: Final Review

It's now been good 3 months since I first started using my individually tailored skincare routine by Bioelements, which you can read about here. My basic skin concerns were sensitivity, uneven tone and texture, blemishes, oiliness and dehydration. You're right, that's a lot to cope with! On top of that, I asked my Bioelements esthetician, Teresa, to include as many organic products in the routine as possible, so I guess I really was a tough cookie!

So, has my Bioelements routine stood to the challenge? Read on to find out!

All things considered, my answer is yes, Bioelements products helped to balance and improve my skin during those 3 months of everyday use. However (aha!), the routine isn't a miracle worker. I can't say my skin is now smooth as baby bum or that I never get blemishes any more, but I can say it is smoother and I get less unfortunate skin surprises. As always, there's been some things I liked and some that I didn't. Here's the breakdown:

What I like about the routine:
- easy to follow
- mostly organic
- pleasant, earthy scents
- convenient and eco-friendly glass packaging
- you need only a tiny amount of product, so I'd say you get good 6 months use if not more
- cleanse effectively without SLS
- the products feel lovely on the skin and leave it feeling comfortable and soft
- I have experienced minimum skin irritation
- any issues I've had healed faster and left less of a mark
- my skin has become well hydrated and more balanced
- any make-up base applied on top looks much better than before

What I dislike about the routine:
- if I hadn't won the products in the giveaway, the price point would unfortunately be a huge obstacle for me
- I wish All Things Pure organic line carried more products!
- some of the products in the All Things Pure line such as the moisturizer or eye oil, despite being marketed as suitable for all skin types, felt too rich for my oily skin and therefore could only be used at night-time. I'd love to see an organic moisturizer from Bioelements aimed more at oily skin!

If I were to recommend just one product from Bioelements...
I'd say if you're oily like me, definitely try the All Things Pure Clay-Based Deep Pore Face Wash. It's the best cleanser I have used so far!
If your skin is dry, I'd recommend the All Things Pure Hydrating Creme with Emollient Shea Butter. Beautifully rich and moisturizing, it has made my face look plump and glowy!

I hope this was somewhat helpful to you, ladies and gents :) Once again, I'd like to thank Teresa from Bioelements for bearing with me and tailoring the routine to my skin's needs. It has definitely taught me a couple of things!

Thanks for stopping by, lovelies, and have a great weekend xxx


  1. this is such a great review! thanks for sharing that info, i didn't know we can "customize" skin care routines, so that's really good to know. :)

    p.s. i am a new follower.

    <3, Mimi

  2. Hi Mimi,
    You definitely can by choosing products appropriate for your skin type and concerns :) Welcome to my blog! xxx

  3. great post, my skin is going crazy at the minute that im obsessively reading all the blog reviews on more 'natural' cleansers at the minute.
    Are you still using the products now the 3 months are up? Your skin sounds like it had all my issues!

  4. Hi hun, yes, I'm still following the whole routine religiously. I really rate the cleanser, especially in conjunction with my muslin cloth. If you don't like non-foaming cleansers though, it's not the best bet... For me, non-foaming means non-drying, but I know it's an issue for some. Hope that helps! xxx

  5. Hi! I love this post! I have the same skin issues (mainly oiliness!) and I have never heard of Bioelements! It's so great the way you listed the good points of the products and the bad points... I will definitely be trying out the all things pure face wash! xx

  6. You won't regret getting it! Definitely a fantastic face wash for oilier skin types :) xxx