Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: Clinique High Definition Lashes Mascara

I picked up a sample of this product during the recent online bonus offer and decided to use it during my holiday travels. According to Clinique, the High Definition Lashes Brush then Comb mascara, retailing for $14, "transforms each and every lash with extreme length and definition": first, you're supposed to use the brush side of the wand to "coat with dramatic color", and then the comb side to "separate to perfection".

Here's the effect on my otherwise bare eyes: the first photo shows 1 coat using only the brush side, the second 2 coats after using the comb side and then combing through with a spoolie.

What I like:
- 1 coat of the brush side gives very natural, separated long lashes; 2 coats of the brush side give a bit more drama, but still very much day-time appropriate
- the shade is sufficiently black
- the mini size is perfect for traveling and lasts a long time
- the product didn't irritate my eyes

Comb side: Welcome to Clumptown, plus my top lashes are sticking to the bottom ones!

What I dislike:
- the wand picks up too much product and the excess has to be wiped off on the neck of the tube
- the wand is quite difficult to use without smudging the mascara on the skin
- the comb side is a total mess: heavily coated with product, clumps the lashes together and even a vigourous combing with a spoolie can't fix it
- lashes are coated unevenly, wiggling the wand at the roots gives no effect and most of the mascara ends up at the ends of my lashes
- the mascara flakes off within minutes of application and transfers on the lids

Will I repurchase? No. Initially, I thought the idea was very nifty and after using lengthening mascaras with a comb wand such as L'Oreal Telescopic, I had high hopes for this. I find it ironic that the brush side gives much more definition that the comb side. If the wand was just a regular brush, it would be an okay product, but the addition of the comb totally ruins it for me.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know your experience with Clinique mascaras in the comments. Stay warm, my lovelies! x


  1. Well the results on you look great!
    I tried and liked one mascara with that kind of brush, it was one from Japan (Majolica Majorca) which makes it not easy to get, so I might try this one to see how it compares

  2. 3 years ago I was an adept of Clinique and I remember purchasing this mascara. But I really never liked it that much either, for exactly the reasons you wrote: Mainly, using it would lead to a messy eye situation.

    Yeah, Majolica Majorca is definitely the better choice. (Also in design. ^__-)

  3. @Musing on Beauty: I think they look better on camera than in real life, I had to remove it as soon as I took the photos! I do like more dramatic lashes, but this one is just too clumpy.

    @comen83: A friend of mine tried a couple of their mascaras and she didn't like them for the lack of drama; I'm guessing they tried to make up for it with High Definition lashes, but the result isn't great.

  4. I am a mascara fiend but I will pass on this one. I like my lashes clump free. Whats your fave mascara?

  5. So far, Covergirl Lash Blast (original, not waterproof) and for length, L'Oreal Telescopic. But I'm trying new ones all the time!

  6. The brush looks to complicated, but your lashes look nice:)

  7. Hah, maybe I'm just really unused to a heavier mascara look! Thanks, hun x

  8. try using it opposite, comb first, then brush. thats how i usually use it. but anyway, i agree, lashblast rules.

  9. Thanks for the advice, I tried that as well but it still smudges and flakes off on me :(