Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Jackpot set

What's a better time to review this Urban Decay Holiday 2010 offering than the beginning of December? It's been out for a while now and I snatched it at the Sephora Friends & Family sale, but I think it would make an amazing Holiday gift for both a beauty beginner and a make-up junkie. Read on to find out why!

This 24/7 Glide-on eyeliner set comes with 9 colorful mini pencils and 1 full size black pencil, and it's priced at $39. The mini pencils are 0.5 g/ 0.02 US oz, and the full size pencil is 1.2 g/ 0.04 US oz, so they mini one is approximately half of the regular pencil. Here's a size comparison for you:

The Jackpot set includes the following shades:

- Eldorado, a yellow gold with silver shimmer
- Whiskey, a creamy matte red-based brown
- Stash, a golden olive with golden shimmer
- Mildew, a pearly forest green
- Electric, a light turquoise with silver shimmer
- Ranson, a pearly blue-based purple
- Binge, a pearly navy blue
- Rockstar, a pearly dark eggplant
- Gunmetal, a silver grey with silver shimmer
- Zero, a creamy matte black

The set comes in a plastic see-through packaging, which is impossible to use if you plan on storing your pencils in there. Basically, as soon as I started to play with these liners, I got myself a different storage solution: I put all of the mini pencils in a glass votive candle holder, like this:

What I like:
- Urban Decay liners rightfully deserve their cult status. Yes, they're creamy and soft, glide on like a dream, can be smudged for a smokier look, but once set, they do not budge. Not exactly waterproof, but quite water-resistant and longwearing. Amazing quality pencils!
- The shades in the set are thoughtfully selected: there are matte, pearl and shimmery finishes, more toned down colors as well as some funky ones like gold or turquoise. Versatile and easy to use for both everyday and dramatic eye looks.
- At $39 dollars, which is $5 more than a price of two full-sized pencils ($17 apiece), I think it's great value
- Those cute mini pencils are perfect for travelling or carrying in your bag
- The set allows you to try a variety of shades before committing to a full size product

What I dislike:
- The plastic outer packaging of the set is a bit flimsy and difficult to use
- I imagine that after 3 or more sharpenings of the mini pencils, they will become rather impossible to use due to their length
- The transparent plastic lids on mini pencils feel quite cheap and can chop off some of your pencil when you're putting them on (yes, it did happen to me)

Will I repurchase? Given that this is a limited edition product, probably not :) But once I use up my pencils, I will be on the lookout for some other eyeliner sets from Urban Decay that come out from time to time, as I think they're good value for a high quality product and some shades that are quite difficult to dupe otherwise (my favorites being Stash, Ranson and Gunmetal!). I also believe the Jackpot set would make a beautiful and universal present this Holiday season. Get it while you can!

To finish off, here are 4 of the shades in action:

What is your favorite 24/7 eyeliner shade? Which set(s) have you got or will be getting from Holiday 2010 collections?


  1. Oh... I want those so much...SO much! The colors are amazing! the only one I wouldn't use would be the electric blue (a little too much for me), but the others, oh my! Such a variety!!
    Unfortunately I have never seen those for sale hare, or even the label. And I'm not very used to order online.. but well.. good to dream for a while :)
    Thanks for sharing"

  2. I REALLY neeed this set, I don't need that anniversary one but I can't find it anywhere.
    I've got a NYC palette (don't know why I don't even use it) and the Black palette (which I am very happy about).
    I really wish I could get this set... x

  3. @Felur-de-Lis: I'd probably also only use the electric blue in the waterline... I know in Poland Urban Decay is also not available, what a shame, it's a great brand!

    @Marina: I'd love to get the Naked Palette at some point, it looks gorgeous! But it's sold out everywhere... :(

  4. Great blog and reviews! You are realy adorable person and a beautiful woman:)
    Kisses from Poland,
    come visit me:

  5. Dzięki za wizytę i zasubskrybowanie bloga, bardzo podobają mi się makijaże oka na Twoim blogu! Pozdrawiam serdecznie :) x

  6. ooo a Ty po polsku potrfisz mowic :)
    swietne sa te kredki fioletowa najbardziej mi sie podoba :D

    zapraszam na mojego bloga

  7. Aaa..polka?:D lol no to ładnie, tym bardziej pozdrawiam i całuje! fajnie że sie znalazłyśmy!

  8. @naatajla: Właśnie dzisiaj mam fioletową na oku :) A bloga zaraz odwiedzę.

    @Brunette's Heart Makeup: Polka eksportowana na drugi koniec świata, ale tak :) Nie ma to jak polskie blogi urodowe! x

  9. The colours look so pretty, Ransom looks pretty on your eye.
    Gutted we dont get products like that in the UK. i wish we had a sephora!!

  10. @Steph: I like Ranson a lot too, it's not such a flat color thanks to the blue pearl. I wish Sephora in continental Europe carried Urban Decay, they have some great products! x

  11. Bardzo fajny zestaw! Piękne kolory. Pozdrawiam!