Monday, December 6, 2010

Seattle's Urban Craft Uprising 2010

This past weekend, Seattle Center Exhibition Hall hosted another edition of Urban Craft Uprising, an indie craft show featuring lots of Etsy shops and other small businesses selling handmade items. It was a perfect opportunity to pick up great unique gifts for the upcoming Holiday season, so the hall was bustling with busy shoppers and enthusiastic sellers. Just take a look!

photo credit: Mr

I really liked The Victory Garden's Christmas tree ornaments and creative neckwear designs!

MeMe's 'Lush-like stuff', as Mr was eager to observe...

These Devout Dolls' two-headed dolls and little deer toys are absolutely amazing, if a tinsy bit creepy :)

Can you spot two busy beauty bloggers talking jewellery?

I picked up a pair of garnet earrings from ElisabethSpace for mum-in-law, an eyeglass case for my little sister-in-law, and this keyring for myself, both from Maluhia Designs. Magic mushrooms are the best! The little pocket mirror was a bonus, how cute?

Will you be gifting any handmade presents this Holiday season? When I was a teenager, I used to make all of my Christmas gifts, including stamping my own wrapping paper! This year however I'll stick to the above-pictured items, and maybe make some bead necklaces for both mums... How about you?


  1. I went to a craft show one year at the convention center, not sure if it was the same one, but was fun! this looks great! xo

  2. @Taj Acosta: Are you from the Seattle area? I really liked this one, even despite the crowds :)

  3. This looks amazing and I admire your husband for going with you, my boyfriend would never go with me to such an event. I am impressed that you've got only 4 items, I am afraid I would get much more :) x

  4. @Marina: Luckily, he was busy taking photos, plus it didn't take us very long :) I felt some of the things were a bit overpriced and it wasn't that easy to find something I liked! x

  5. Reading about the various artisans at the UCU makes me even more determined to get out from behind my booth (it was definitely busy!)I ho so I can see what the other crafty people have brought to the show. I'm so glad to hear the earrings you purchased from me at the UCU were a gift for the mum-in-law. I hope she likes them! :)