Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rocaille Raves: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Aztec Secret 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay is, despite its complicated name, a very simple product: it's essentially a powder face mask that has to be mixed with a liquid before applying to the face. The only ingredient in the mask is green bentonite clay from Death Valley, containing over 50 different minerals and boasting a number of skin benefits: drawing toxins out from the skin thanks to a negative electron charge, nourishing the skin, and of course deep pore cleansing.

Now, you're probably thinking that there must be at least a hundred different clay masks on the market, you've tried a handful and while they worked ok, they're certainly no miracle product. Well, at least this is what I thought - but I've heard some recommendations and it was only $6 for this huge tub, so I gave it a go. And boy, I'm glad I did!

Let me start with the negatives (now that you know that I'm loving it): firstly, the packaging is ugly and super messy, please open it by the sink the first time you try it. Seconly, it being a powder, it requires mixing, which takes additional time - but then it doesn't contain any preservatives and won't go bad for a long time. Thirdly, you won't be able to speak, eat, drink or make any facial expressions while it's on; at least if you don't want to rip your face to pieces. And lastly, it takes a bit time and patience to remove and again, this process is quite messy as well.

Now you're thinking, that's a lot of negatives, no? Why then do I like it so much? Well... because IT WORKS. The Aztec Secret clay deep cleanses the skin fabulously and, if used regularly, keeps breakouts in check. In August/September, I was going through a nasty breakout phase with new whiteheads appearing virtually every day, and I believe this has sped the recovery. At first, I didn't notice much difference, because I believe the clay has brought most of the impurities to the surface; however, once these clogs were removed, my skin healed beautifully without any scarring. The pulsating sensation you feel when the mask is drying on your skin is a bit weird, but I take it as a sign that it's working. My face is quite red for the next 30 minutes or so after washing off, but the redness fades, revealing soft, smooth, glowing skin. It's also fabulous as a spot treatment.

If you're thinking about trying it, the best application method I've found is to place a spoonful in your palm, spritz with some raw apple cider vinegar and/or water to mix into a paste, and paint onto the skin with an old foundation brush. The vinegar is what makes the powder creamy and smooth, but should be diluted if your skin is sensitive. After about 20 minutes, I remove it with a muslin cloth soaked in warm water. The 1lb and 2lb tubs are available from Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe and some Bartell Drugs stores in WA for $6-$8. I really recommend it if you have problem skin like me!

What are your experiences with clay masks? Which mask is your favorite?


  1. Sounds wonderful! Great price too.
    I have dry skin and I find that clay masks are good for my skin. I have used Fuller's Earth for acne when I was younger worked really well :)

  2. Never had any experience with mask before, so this shall be my first mask! I got the Clinique Black Honey "lipstick" after reading your review, i loved it! This mask is going onto my next grocery trip's list, thanks!

  3. I don't know if I really want to mix something :P But it sounds like it does an amazing cleaning job...I'm torn.

  4. @Su: Many think clay masks are only good for peeps with oily skin, but I know they can do a lot of good for dry-skinned as well! Thanks for sharing your experience :)

    @ah yng: I'm so glad you're liking Black Honey! Watch out the first time you try it and maybe leave on for a shorter time, just to make sure your skin gets used to it. xxx

    @Larie: I know, but if you use the spritzer, it takes maybe a minute and there's almost no clean-up. I kind of like that this is so old-school!

  5. Well, you had me convinced when it helped with breakouts without all the scarring! I'm going through a troubling breakout phase right now...I will definitely check this out now!

  6. @Amyboo: I feel any hiperpigmentation faded sooner as well - but I'm also using a lot of acids at the moment, they definitely help! x

  7. I will have to look for this, great review!

  8. I don't know why but when I first saw your post about this, I immediately thought of Egyptian cream except this is a clay mask! It sounds wonderful and I'll def try it if I get a chance :)

  9. This sounds great! Except I just don't have time to spend mixing and all...I prefer masks that I can slap on easily.

  10. @Angie: I'm happy the review's been useful!

    @Rainy Days and Lattes: I know, the label is very similar - but I don't think it's the same brand. P.S. Have I ever told you I love your username? Kind of sounds like every day for me here in the Pacific Northwest.

    @Kajal Couture: Yeah... but it's worth it in my opinion! x

  11. Thank you for the reminder...I have this in the cabinet. I could probably still turn to the same tub three years from now, as it's so massive!

    Just reading about the pulsing feeling reminds me of how strange it feels...but I do agree, it works well.

    I also like guerlain's clay mask, and the one by nars. And I can't forget the queen Helene green one--although that one tends to dry up quickly in the jar.