Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Favorites

I know, I know - there goes my resolution to post three times a week. But at least I can offer an excuse/update on what's been going on in here, I thought you deserve to know! But before I go into that, some favorites of the past month. I've started to enjoy wearing make-up a bit more again now that my skin is not breaking out with the speed of a machine gun, and these are my most worn products:

1. MAC 226 Tapered Blending Brush - I will admit that I got this over 2 years ago and haven't used it that much since, for no reason other than I keep it in my non-everyday brush cup. However, I picked it up recently and it really is perfect for smaller creases, it just fits right in and deposits most of the color exactly where it should.
2. Clinique Plum Eyeshadow Quad - This was part of a last year's Gift With Purchase and contains the following shadows, available separately (clockwise from top): 'Stone Violet' from 'Sunburst' duo, darker shade from 'Beach Plum' duo, 'Night Plum' Stay Matte Eyeshadow and 'Frosted Blossom' Soft Shimmer Eyeshadow. I don't think these are very unique, I've just been loving plum shades on the eyes and these are easy to grab and good quality eyeshadows.
3. Wet'n'Wild Kohl Brow in Taupe - I waxed lyrical about this before, but I'd been using a different pencil for a bit and had actually forgot how much I loved it until I started using it again. The formula is quite soft and somehow manages to look natural while defining my brows.
4. OPI Brisbane Bronze Nail Polish - My first ever OPI! I do enjoy the formula and the wide brush, very easy to apply. But the color! A gorgeous dark copper reminiscent of falling leaves and campfire.

5. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Monte Carlo - How funny, I actually wear this one that I found in the woods more than the one I bought. This has been my shade of choice if I don't know what to wear on my lips. Monte Carlo is a sheer pink berry shade that feels comfortable and moisturizing, but doesn't last long on the lips.
6. NYX Powder Blush in Mauve - Not mauve at all, but still very pretty. It's a matte brownish rose that compliments post-summer skin perfectly and suits a variety of looks. I love how warm the shade is without making me look orange like many corals tend to do. Plus, you know how I love my NYX powder blushes!
7. Sweet Anthem 'Anton' Parfum Solide - I kind of feel like it deserves its own review, but I'm not sure if I want to draw attention to my perfume reviewing skills... Warm, spicy, smoky, striking with a hint of fruit, Anton was actually designed as a men's fragrance. Yes, I do sneak it from my husband, I just can't get enough of that perfect fall scent; plus, it's a perfect purse size.

Now, here goes my news/excuse: I'm actually busy interning at Sweet Anthem; for those of you not in the know, it's a West Seattle-based micro perfumery run and owned by Meredith Smith. So, in the spirit of transparency, 'Anton' was a gift, or as Meredith would have called it, a bribe; however, I promise to try and not pitch Sweet Anthem fragrances on the blog too often, even though they truly are beautiful and unique. But more importantly, Sweet Anthem is opening its flagship atelier on October 12 - there will be champagne, swag bags for the first 25 shoppers, and lots and lots of lovely indie perfumes to smell. Well, my lovely local readers, you're all invited to the party! You can find more info on the Sweet Anthem's website and Facebook page.

How's the month of September been for you?


  1. Haha, I love your background and how shiny the Chanel tube is! I always wanted to try the NYX blush but my local ULTA never have them (the shade I want, at least) in stock.

  2. I love Monte Carlo, I find it is an easy shade to wear when I want to have red lips but I don't want to spend ages doing it! x

  3. That is so funny, I just recently started thinking to myself that I should get a brush to deposit color into my crease... Do you know of any good drugstore/cheaper dupes for the MAC 226 brush? PS I am a follower, please follow me!!


  4. @Citrine: I was getting bored of the white background, and I'm sure you all are as well - I need to get more of those wrapping papers! I always order mine online, mostly on ebay.

    @Lydia: I know, it's gorgeous - but it still feels a bit like a waste for me to pay for Chanel tinted lip balm...

    @Holly: I use a lot of EcoTools brushes, they have this one set with a lot of different eye brushes and there's one for the crease that I use almost every day. Hope that helps! x

  5. I'm trying to make it to the Sweet Anthem opening! That's a busy week for me, though :(

  6. OPI bronze is a gorgeous colour!!

  7. @Larie: The opening party week lasts until Saturday, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you - I'd love to meet ya, lovely lady!

    @Alex: I love, it's so so pretty! Application's a breeze too. x

  8. Congrats on getting the intern job at Sweet Anthem! I love Sweet Anthem perfumes :) Fun job, I bet!
    I have been wanting the Chanel Rouge lipsticks, that shade looks awesome!

  9. I second the awesome background! It's very pretty. I like your choice of soft colors

  10. Great favourites!!!
    I'm itching to get Brisbane Bronze, looks like the perfect Autumn shade!!!


  11. @Dovey: All right then, I'll be using it more often from now on!

    @Tina: It's gorgeous, plus you can get it for around $4 online :)

    @GABY: I'd forgotten it for a long time, but I'm really liking it now and I think it would suit a lot of different skintones. x

  12. Hi - just found you blog and I'm really enjoying it! I'm liking the 226 brush for the same reasons. It's funny that you found it in the woods, funny in the sense that I'm imagining the story of you finding it! Ciao xo

  13. Hi Daisy, it's so cool you stumbled upon my blog, I love watching your YT channel! I know, finding a Chanel tube in the bushes by a trail was very unexpected and surprising - but I kept on thinking that maybe I should have left it there for the owner to find it... xxx