Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finally...! Some Empties

I've been hoarding a collection of empty pots and bottles to silence my guilty conscience by visibly proving that I actually do use up my products - if very slowly. I'm a very strange woman indeed, empty cosmetic packaging makes me happy...

Here's a little round-up of some make-up and skincare bits I've used lately, together with mini reviews for your enjoyment:

1. Haus of Gloi Vice Soft Bubbling Scrub - I gushed about this before, and I still stand by what I said earlier. A deliciously soft scrubbly goodness smelling of hazelnut ice cream - I do miss it now actually that it's gone, but (shock horror!) I veered from the righteous Haus of Gloi path and ordered some bath goodies from another indie company - a review coming soon.
2. Haus of Gloi Spring LE Milkmaid Whipped Soap - I do like HoG's whipped soap a lot and this was a very nice, feminine, musky floral scent that left me feeling clean and refreshed. A little too clean smelling, maybe, but it's just me; I think I prefer gourmand for the bath.
3. Haus of Gloi Spring LE Lassi Bubbling Scrub - I'm glad I only got a sample pot, because I swear to you, this smells of gummy bears. I do love gummy bears, especially biting of their heads first so that they don't suffer unneccesarily (told you I was strange!), but not so much in my bath.
4. Haus of Gloi Madcap Garden Perfume Oil sample - I surprised myself here by enjoying a peppermint fragrance, but then got bored quite quickly, so I don't think I'll repurchase. Great quality though.

5. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat - A classic, but it does go extremely gloopy after some time (I think I had this bottle for a year or so). I'm currently testing a diffrent top coat, I'll let you know my thoughts eventually.
6. Allafia Rooibos & Shea Butter Antioxidant Facial Cleanser - read a detailed review here. Awesome cleanser by a local skincare brand that deserves much more recognition.
7. Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel sample - A pleasantly scented, fast absorbing eye cream that wears well under make-up, but made me break out around my eye area. I think my eyes are just very sensitive, I've had this before with different eye creams, so I wouldn't completely write it off.
8. GOSH Eye Liner Pen - Meh, it's all right, I guess. The felt tip tends to splay out though, making it very difficult to apply, plus this baby will run down your cheeks at the mere sight of water. Not very practical in the Pacific Northwest.

9. Angel Face Botanicals Angel's Balm Body Butter - I didn't get on well with this one. I disliked the herbal scent and the grainy texture, and on top of that, it wouldn't sink in well into my skin, so I just had the feeling I was rubbing it off on my bed sheets all night. You might enjoy it though if you like more oilier body moisturizers such as Lush's Massage Bars.
10. Bath and Body Works Shea Cashmere & Silk Hand Cream - Ooh, this one I did like, we've used every last drop with the husband, and even my dad liked it. I am aware that the silky feeling upon application is due to a crap load of silicones, not the silk proteins; that said, silicones form a barrier preventing moisture loss from the skin, which is important if you have severely dry hands/ eczema.
11. Bath and Body Works Shea Cashmere Shower Cream - read a full review here. Nice enough, but quite pricey for what it is; therefore, I don't think I'll repurchase, unless I have an awesome B&BW coupon burning in my pocket.

Not bad, huh? I hasten to add that using up those four soaps/scrubs that I had on rotation in my bath took me good 4-5 months - quite pathetic. What have you emptied recently?


  1. That's an awesome total! I haven't emptied a lot at all recently x_x And I still need to try Haus of Gloi.

  2. Oh, you need to! They've got really good price point too... I find that stuff tends run out at the same time, and then it's nothing again for ages - maybe that's one of those times? x

  3. What a pretty lot of empties. Why is it shower items always seem like the easiest to polish off yet when in a rotation it takes forever? I've been rotating 2 shower gels and they just never seem to dissolve!

  4. I know, I should stop buying more soap!!! Actually, my husband uses up a tone of shower things, that's why the B&BW shower cream went down quite quickly - he must have used half of the tube for one shower.

  5. Haha, I treat gummy bears the same :).

    I'm quite pleased with my bathroom project progress, I managed to finish last year's TBS Christmas collection.

  6. Isn't it SO satisfying when you finally have a collection of empties?

    Although if you look at it from an outsider's point of view, it probably seems a bit weird that we beauty bloggers are so obsessed with gathering up piles of rubbish, taking pictures of them and showing them off to our online buddies...

  7. I feel like I only finish skincare and haircare products: numerous bottles of Bioderma Crealin H2O, LRP Toner that I use with sheet masks, shampoo... And I always finish them all at the same time for some reason, causing me to spend tons of money on those basics rather than in new makeup - meh!

  8. I haven't had empties in what seems like months now... I buy a product use half of it and then purchase something else... so I have quite a few half empties :) Currently I'm on a personal quest to finish my half used bottles first before purchasing anything new... It's getting harder to do every single day :)

  9. haha congratulations, i know how triumphant empty packaging can make you feel - sort of justified in your purchases and less wasteful..ove the haus of gloi pots. Nailpolish is so hard to use up because it can go so gloopy so quickly!

  10. @Annathea: It took me a very long time to go through my TBS shower thingies, mostly because I wasn't fond of the smell (Wild Cherry)...

    @Dee: I know, right?! Love your comment :)

    @Mariella: I feel like my basics tend to run out around the same time too, interesting...

    @Lucy: I get bored of my products quickly too, but persevere and try to use them up completely before cracking open another bottle. You can do it!

    @A Certain Vintage: Thank you, I'm really proud of myself! x

  11. I love a good empties post. Hi! I see we have some mutual friends. :)

    I think my SV top coat is starting to get goopy too. I was hoping that the 10,000 bloggers who reviewed it were wrong, lol.

  12. @Liz: Indeed we have, so happy to have found you! I know, but I think they all might be getting goopy at one point or another...

  13. I bought some new Haus of Gloi while I was over there and had it delivered to my mom. I'm just working my way through it now. Good thing they don't have a shop over here I'd be bankrupt!