Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review & Swatches: CARGO 'Molokai' Blush

As a last orange-themed hurrah before the months ends, I've decided to show you the blush I picked up to replace my Maybelline 'Pinch of Peach', of which I wasn't a fan in case you missed that post. By the way - I managed to give away a lot of my unloved make-up including the Maybelline blush to a bunch of friends, I really recommend it, it feels amazing! But, back to the new blush...
CARGO Blush in 'Molokai' is a gorgeous muted apricot with a matte finish. The product is housed in a minimalistic-looking round tin with a secure lid, and in the packaging has a very slight floral scent that doesn't transfer on the skin. The powder is finely milled and quite pigmented, making it look very natural on the cheek. It is, however, quite a light color, by which I mean that it would only suit fair to medium skintones; I think darker skintones would have some trouble making it show on them without looking ashy.
One other thing to consider about 'Molokai' is that there isn't even a touch of pink to this summery shade. It's just pure, orangey warmth, so if you're afraid of going near the tango territory, 'Molokai' might not be for you. Oh, and did you know that Moloka'i, part of the Hawaiian Archipelago, is called 'The Friendly Isle'? Just Google the photos, it's beyond dreamy...
Compared to my other apricotty blushes, 'Molokai' is warmer and more orange than both Maybelline 'Pinch of Peach' and Stila Convertible Color in 'Lillium', which is one of my favorite neutral blushes. Still, because 'Molokai' is so pale, it somehow works with my cool complexion, as you can see in the cheek swatches below.
All in all, I'm really pleased with my first CARGO blush, and I'm thinking of adding more to the collection - the famous 'Tonga' is really tempting, partly because of the name... I grabbed 'Molokai' on sale at HauteLook, which has some great deals if you're patient enough to bear their turnaround time.
Well, I think that's it for my orange theme right now! I will no doubt accumulate more warm shades throughout the summer, but next month, I promise to have a little more variety color-wise. I haven't forgotten about my favorite hot pinks and fuschias at all!
Have you ever tried CARGO blushes? What was your favorite shade this month?


  1. I love that it's orange without pink tones! It's hard to find something like that. Also, what fabulous red shade is on your lips, dear?

    1. It's MAC Cockney - my wedding lippie :) Check it out, it's a great red for everyday!

  2. This is gorgeous on you! Great color!

  3. That's lovely! My first CARGO blush was Tonga, and I. Love. It. It's the perfect "nude" blush on my super-pale neutral-cool skin, and the pigmentation is incredible! I'm pretty sure the tin will last me until I die. I'm not normally drawn to orange anything, but Molokai is very, very pretty!

  4. Love Cargo blushes! Try Tonga, it's a fantastic neutral blush that will look good with any lip colour. :)

  5. Cargo is a great brand. *Canadian and proud* :)

    Looks so good on you! <3

  6. that color looks amazing on your skintone! it's too pale for me, probably wouldn't show up, but i LOVE it for the fair ladies :D who knew orange would look so good???? very pretty


  7. This is such a beautiful blush! I always forget what an awesome brand Cargo is--haven't gotten anything from them in a while (I miss it being available at Sephora!!!), but I NEED to check this one out!

  8. Molokai reminds me so much of Illamasqua powder blush in Lover but I feel as if I need this too. It probably has to do with the fact that Cargo is a Canadian brand ;)

  9. i adore coral and this time of year i go crazy for everything coraly/orange but I have so much red and pink in my skin i can never pull this off as well as you! I think they are great blush shades for a strong red lip like this..ove the molokai name too!