Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review & Swatches: Maybelline 'Pinch of Peach' Blush

I've been completely obsessed with apricot shades recently; really, anything that has a bit of tangerine to it has been on my favorite list for the past couple of weeks - so prepare yourself for an onslaught of orange shades this month! Interestingly enough, I actually purchased this Maybelline New York Expert Wear blush in 'Pinch of Peach' back in December, when I spotted it on clearance in my local drugstore. The flower imprint, peachy hue and $3 pricetag just made me put it in my shopping basket.

Unfortunately, the above mentioned three qualities are the only plus sides of this blush. The pigmentation and formulation are both absolutely terrible; I have to dig into this innocent flower design with my stiffest brush, only to get a mountain of powder with a hint of color. It seems to have that dreadful crumbly texture and the powder just sits on top of the skin (well, no wonder, since you have to apply a ton), making me swear I'll never pick a drugstore blush again in my life.

(No worries though. I have already broken that internal promise and got a new drugstore blush today.)

The product close-ups show the color as a bit more pinky than it is in reality; the arm swatch below is a bit more true to color. Maybelline Pinch of Peach is definitely a true apricot; btw, way to go Maybelline for copying MAC's product name, especially that this blush is definitely not a peach.

Still, even given all the down sides to this product, I think the shade is absolutely perfect for the season; so much so that I also ordered another apricot-tinted blush from a more high-end company - another post with swatches to follow shortly. I find it rather strange that something so warm-toned works well with my cool skin, but it does somehow. Do you ever get that effect too?

Have you tried Maybelline blushes? What is your favorite blush shade for spring and summer?


  1. I think the whole collection this blush is from (spring 2010 called "Sweet Thing") was a copycat as I have seen at least 3-4 shades that's straight from MAC's Sugar Sweet collection. Anyway, I do have a Maybelline powder blush from their last summer collection, it went straight to garbage (my grocery store doesn't have a loose return policy).

  2. Oh, goodness. Crappy quality or not, it looks fabulous on you! <3

    1. The shade itself is the only reason I haven't thrown it in the garbage like Citrine!

  3. Hello Rocaille, just wanted to tell you I have just discovered your blog (through Lipstick Rules and the Lipstick Bandits) and I love it! am now happily reading through your old posts - great!

  4. The texture may suck, but you've made it work for you!

  5. i've never tried maybelline blushes before, but i was just looking at this particular one at walgreens yesterday. thanks for this review! :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. haha, guess what, I just bought a Maybellline Expert Wear Eye Trio on ebay because it was too cheap to resist (even with shipping to halfway around the Earth), and the colors look superbly fantastic.

    But like you, I also found the formulation quite poor. Pigmentation is a far cry from what I am used to (Urban Decay, MAC, Chanel), but is actually alright for sheer application for everyday.

    I guess the Expert Wear is a dying line... ... Eye Studio is the one we should be looking out for. =)

    Come to think of it, I don't have Maybelline and Revlon blushes. I prefer L'oreal for blush.