Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fyrinnae Week: Breaking the Eyeshadow Rut

I have a new girl crush: Kate from Drivel About Frivol blog (click!). A couple weeks ago, she posted about how she was trying to break free from her usual neutral eye + rosy lip look by using her Fyrinnae eyeshadows. Firstly, I instantly love whichever idea that girl comes up with, secondly, I had some Fyrinnae mini pots laying around and then I ordered a couple more and thirdly, most of the time I am very much devoted to my make-up rut. So I joined in on the fun - let's see the results, shall we?

As a short (and quite obvious) disclaimer, obviously these looks are not very adventurous or unusual because... ahmm... I still very much had to go to work wearing them and I'm too lazy to make myself up on my days off. That, and my skillz need polishing. All looks were done using dry shadows over NARS eye primer.
Day 1. This is a bit of a cheat: I used Fyrinnae Envy Me, a taupe with green shift but finished off with Urban Decay Dark Horse in the crease and UD Virgin in the inner corner. An additional photo of this look was included in the NARS New Lover post (so that's what's on the lips, if you're curious!).
Day 2. All Fyrinnae! Crimson Ghost all over the lid, Moonchild in the inner corner, Tapir lightly in the crease and Purgatory used as a liner - I liked that a lot, see eye close-up at the end of the post. Plus, Lisa Eldridge-inspired posing with the hand. Lips were a soon to be reviewed new crayon thingy.
Day 3. Evocation on the lid, Steampunk in the outer corner, Crimson Ghost in the inner corner to highlight. Out of all the Fyrinnae taupes I own, Evocation is probably the most straightforward and easiest to wear. Nothing on the lips because I forgot.
Day 4. Kurisumasu! all over the lid with Moonchild in the inner corner and Evocation in the crease and khol pencil on the lashline. I was quite disappointed with Kurisumasu!, on my hand it swatches as a beautiful rosey tan but on my eyes, it's just a pale pink. Eh. Lips are Revlon 'Crush' Kissable Balm Stain.
Day 5. Sacred all over the lid with Purgatory very subtly in the crease, Moonchild in the inner corner. Sacred might be my number one Fyrinnae shadow, I just love how metallic this is - also, a perfect antique gold for palies like me. Nothing on the lips and weird lighting - sorry!
Day 6. Damn Paladins all over with Madame's and Eve's Arcane Magic shade to darken the lashline, Crimson Ghost in the inner corner. You can't see the blue shift very well here but it's definitely there in real life. For some reason, I find Madame and Eve's extremely difficult to work with... and I'm not a fan of blues on me. I tried though. Lips are Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Bellini.
That's it, I took Sunday off (in reality, these were not done on consecutive days and I couldn't come up with a look no.7)! I quite liked the whole experiment but it was a lot more time-consuming than I anticipated... and a bit more messy too than using my usual pressed eyeshadow palettes. I will have swatches of all the Fyrinnae eyeshadows used in these looks coming next for you.

What do you do to break out of your make-up rut?


  1. Love all the looks you put together! I'm actually starting to wear more of a neutral eye and rosey lip colour these days. In the past I've been doing a lot of bright eye colours and nude (or nearly nude) lip. I think the cold Fall/Winter weather brings out the neutral in me! lol

  2. Aww, Kate is a friend of mine, I love her blog for inspiration and I'm totally jealous of her Asian eyes.
    You're rocking the Fyrinnae, great job, you're making warms work for you even now that it's Winter!

  3. Looooove. I need to try more things with my Fyrinnae shadows, too! PLus, I love how you always have a glow on the inner corner but everything still looks soooo neat. What do you use to apply to the inner corner? I feel like all of my brushes are too fat.

    1. I use an old drugstore pencil brush starting at the very corner and blending downwards towards the lower lashline and upwards so that it meets the eyeshadow on the lid. You guys always leave such nice comments about my inner corner highlight! <3

  4. Ahhh you have such gorgeous doe eyes--EVERYTHING looks good on you! Love this look, though! :D

  5. I'm so happy more and more people are doing Fyrinnae weeks! Hope you grew to appreciate these eyeshadows?:)

  6. So very pretty! And also, love the nail polish you're wearing in the second look. =)

  7. You remind me of Christina Hendricks with your creamy skin and red hair. I love all your different looks!