Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fyrinnae Week: Eyeshadow Swatches

As promised, a quick swatchathon to follow up my 'Breaking the Eyeshadow Rut' post. I can't help it, I just love photographing Fyrinnae eyeshadows, they're so sparkly and complex in their little pots - enlarge the photos to get the spangliness in all its glory. For more swatches of my older four shades, click here.
Starting with the lightest shades, left to right: Moon Child, a micro-glittery golden champagne, Crimson Ghost, a duochrome satiny pink, Kurisumasu!, a micro-glittery rosey tan and Tapir, a matte purpley brown.

My collection of Fyrinnae taupes: Sacred, a metallic antique gold, Envy Me, a duochrome shimmery cool brown with golden olive shift, Evocation, a subtly shimmery purpley taupe, Damn Paladins, a duochrome shimmery grey taupe with blue shift.

The darks: Purgatory, a warm brown with red shimmer, Steampunk, a purple taupe with multicolor shimmers, Madame and Eve's, a matte black with blue/teal/green/gold microglitters.

My favorites are still very much the taupe group but Purgatory and Steampunk were both pleasant surprises and quite easy to incorporate into a variety of looks. I like my little collection a lot and I think I'll continue buying Fyrinnae shadows because they are just beyond pretty and very unique - and they look like magic lava in macro photography.

Have you tried Fyrinnae eyeshadows? Which of your favorites do I need to put on my wishlist?


  1. never tried fyrinnae but i love Damn Paladins, Purgatory and Madame and Eve's <3

  2. POLAR BEAR! And Fire Opal. And Jade Ghost. Those are probably my most frequently used.

  3. Oh so pretty! I haven't tried them out yet, as they're not available where I live (I don't think?), but wow! I'm so impressed!

  4. gotta visit their site again...cause I'm smitten with Kurisumasu...I still have some of their samples so tomorrow it's pigment-play-day!

  5. Lovely pics/swatches!! I must say, I'm pretty disappointed at the pigmentation and color of Tapir--it doesn't look anything like it does in the pot. Evocation is lovely and looks like the perfect neutral! Also loving Madame and Eve's--super pretty!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS. So much beauty in one post! I can hardly take it. I don't like dealing with loose powders but I can see why people love them so!