Sunday, March 29, 2015

Peaches and Cream: Catrice Defining Blush in Rose Royce

In my opinion, blushes are one area where the American drugstore has a lot of catching up to do. Apart from my well loved NYX Powder Blush collection, I haven't come across any outstanding blush formulas with an affordable price tag - so I was excited to try out a new inexpensive find I brought from Warsaw, the Catrice Defining Blush in 020 Rose Royce (16 PLN/ ~ $4.50 for 5g/ 0.17 oz, can be found on eBay, but shipping is rather expensive). I'd read a lot of rave reviews of these blushes and really wanted to see if the formula would perform for me as well.
In the drugstore I went to in Warsaw city center (Drogeria Natura for my Polish readers), the Catrice section was pretty picked over, and I believe there were only four shades of the Defining Blush on display (their website specifies there are six permanent shades available in total). I have to say that I really, really like the geometric clear acrylic packaging of most Catrice products, and was sorely tempted by the eyeshadows (singles and quads) as well. The plastic case doesn't feel cheaply made or clunky, but I will say that the hinge on my blush doesn't work very well (stops midway and has to be forced a bit), which makes me worried it may break one day. But you know, it could just be a one-off thing.
And look, look at the back label! This blush was actually made in Poland. How cool! By the way, in case you didn't know, Catrice is a sister company to Essence, which is available in the US at Ulta. That makes me hope that maybe, maybe one day Catrice will come to the US as well. Sigh.
To the touch, this Catrice Defining Blush feels incredibly silky smooth, with that buttery texture we all like to fawn over. It definitely does not feel like a very inexpensive product. While I find it very easy to pick up product from the pan, the soft formula isn't powdery in the least. The blurb on the back claims this blush will smooth out minor imperfections, and while I think that's a bit bogus, it doesn't cling to dry patches or scars like some blushes like to do. I'd say the pigmentation is medium (meaning, not so scary pigmented as to require tapping off on the back of my hand, but pigmented enough to require just one or two layers), and the finish is on the skin is a satiny matte. When you look at it in full sunlight, you can see extremely fine shimmer/ pearl particles, but it just translates as a creamy matte on the cheeks.
I know what some of you are going to say - I picked out such a 'Monika shade'! In the store, having read the shade name, I was under the impression it was going to be a pink rose color, but in fact, it's more of a dusty pinky apricot on my complexion. Either way, I love it. With my current fair winter skintone, it gives me a peaches & cream type of look, and pairs incredibly well with the Revlon lipgloss in Coral Reef, which I'm trying to use up (that's what I'm wearing in the photo below).

L-R: Catrice Rose Royce, bareMinerals The One, NYX Mauve, Tarte Dazzled
Compared to my other natural rosy shades, you can clearly see that Catrice Rose Royce has a more peach than browny red undertone. It's the closest to the bareMinerals READY Blush in The One, one of my most favorite blushes in my collection.
Overall, I can't say enough good things about this Catrice Defining Blush. Some of my blogging pals asked me for European product recommendations in the past, and this has now shot to the top of my list. From the beautiful shade, the texture, to the lightweight but longlasting effect on the cheeks, Catrice hit this one out of the ballpark. I probably won't be able to resist a couple more shades next time I'm in Poland! Do you have any firm favorites among brands that are only available in Europe?


  1. Woah! I am going to have to pay special attention to Catrice when I am in Europe this autumn! This is such a lovely color on you Monica I am hoping there'll be something deeper for me in their lineup too! :-)


  2. I'm a bit sceptical about brands like Catrice, Essence... I don't really know why, but I just like to be in with the hype I guess :) I'm always longing for products that I can only get online or in the UK.
    I did however recently discovered a brand from Belgium called Park Avenue, and they have these little loose pigment shimmery eyeshadows that I'm just in love with!! x

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  3. Oh my gosh, that color is perfection on you!

    I'm adding Catrice to the list of brands I need to check out whenever I get back to Poland. In the meantime, I do hope that they eventually make it to North America like Essence has.

    Have you tried the Milani blushes? I'm not a huge fan of their older "mineralized" style blushes, but the two new ones in that line are pretty nice.

  4. I love the texture of the Catrice Blushes... but as they chance their colours often, I don't have any idea which are available now. In my drugstore they just have 4 colours but they don't flatter me. I didn't know Rose Royce yet, mayhaps I should have a look on it. Peach Sorbet turned out to be a favourite, but it isn't available any more. It's also some kind of "Monika-Shade" *lol* I also adore the blushes of Manhattan :)

    Here in Europe everyone is going crazy about tarte...

  5. Awww...they are all so very pretty! Love the shades for they are light and seem so natural. I will def going to check on these.

  6. I love how this shade looks on you. I think we only have Catrice at selected places, and I'm waiting for it to be more accessible. I tried some of their offerings when I was in Thailand, and I'm quite keen to try more. It's such an affordable brand with really interesting line up.

  7. I want to try everything from Catrice!! Another European brand I'd like to try is Kiko.

    Btw, Revlon's cream blushes are quite decent -- it has almost the same consistency as Chanel's cream blush, rather powdery/silicony but still quite soft and blendable. Another DS blush that I like is Maybelline, the mousse ones are quite nice. They used to have liquid blush with fine shimmer, almost similar to Becca SSP but with tint in it.

  8. The blush looks great on you! Well I'm not surprised - both of you have been created in Poland. So sorry that it's not available in US. But this nyx mauve... You're tempting me girl!

  9. What a gorgeous shade! You wear it so well.

  10. I want to wear Coral Reef so bad right now! I love the essence brand and this blush sounds like it's better than the standard essence blush formula (I adore the ombre blush formula from them though, so pigmented and lovely!)