Friday, July 31, 2009

July favorites

Just a quick rundown of some things I'm enjoying this month.

I love my yellow lamp shades but they're rubbish for photographing colors!
1. Softlips lipbalm SPF 2o in Honeydew Melon
I soo love this! I apply it every night before I go to bed to moisturize my lips and then in the morning before I apply a lipstick. It's a great base under make-up, SPF is always a bonus and keeps moisturize locked in for a good couple of hours... maybe that's why I haven't actually observed my only MAC lipstick to be particularly drying? I've noticed a slight tingling sensation every time I put this on, which I like. The smell is to die for, and I'm lusting after the French vanilla version, I'll have to ask fiance to bring it for me from Canada...

2. Ziaja Cocoa Butter body wash and body lotion
Produced by a trusty and cheap Polish cosmetics brand Ziaja, this has been my favorite body combo lately. Their body products come in different ranges like Olive Oil, Goat Milk and Coconut. The smell of this reminds me of chocolate icecream (yum!) and the trace of it lingers nicely on the skin. The body lotion is super moisturizing and leaves a bit of a film on your skin, giving you a lovely glow. It also contains vitamin E and D-panthenol and claims to improve the texture and color of your skin.

3. Inglot Face blush in 84 (coral)
I guess this might be a scarry orange for some, but somehow it looks nice on my skin and compliments my hair and eye color. It looks a lot more summery than pinks and adds a nice warmth to the face. It has a good color pay-off for the price (at Inglot counters in Poland it retails for 3,5 pounds) and handy packaging. Supposedly it contains some special ingredient to keep your skin moisturized and glowy in spite of the fact that it's in powder form.

4. Wet'n'Wild MegaGlo Face Illuminator in 341 Blushing
It's basically a light pink highlighter in a cream form. I need a tiny dab for both cheeks and it gives me a very natural glow, which I think is thank to the color that matches perfectly my skin's undertones. At first it seems a bit sticky, but sinks in right away.

5. MAC Lustre lipstick in Jest
Lovely reddish pink with golden shimmer. I think the color really suits me and I don't think it's particularly drying. I always keep it in my on-the-go make-up bag and... mmm, the smell! It has no taste which is a huge plus for me... I've been trying to use up my old The Body Shop Satsuma shimmery lipbalm/ gloss and despite the lovely scent, the taste is terrible! Every time I have it on my lips and eat something, it ruins the taste of the dish completely! Big thumbs up for producing a non-flavored but scented lippie to MAC.

Hope you liked my mini reviews and let me know in the comments what are your favorites for this month! xxx


  1. great favourites! I love seeing what other people pick! :) Those body products sound yummy! :)


  2. i've seen that wet n wild product, but have never tried it--something to look into! those softlips are really nice--my mom has always been a big fan, so whenever i borrow hers, i end up keeping it as she has loads at home!

  3. @Aisling: It's a pity this brand is only available in Poland... The products are super cheap and really good quality. xxx

    @Suka and Spice: The MegaGlo is really nice, maybe the smell is a bit odd but doesn't last on the skin... Softlips might be the best lipbalm I've ever tried! xxx

  4. Great i feel like i have to go buy everything!! haha you make it all sound soo good!! :) xxx

  5. @Tali: I'm really glad I got these products, they certainly work for me, but everyone has different needs and expectations :) xxx