Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's in my bag?

I was tagged by the stunning Tali over at The Gloss Goss to do this tag; thank you, sweetie, and good luck to your new YT channel (check her out, girlies!).

It took me a while to post this due to technical problems with my camera, but here it goes :) This is my bag at the moment. It's dark cherry red faux leather with brown lining inside, I got it for last Christmas and I believe it's from Spring. It can hoard lots of stuff inside, and most of my bags are at least as big as this one, because as a student and a teacher, I need to fit an A4 paper format inside.

The things I carry with me are not overly exciting...

Moving clockwise, we have a red folder with handouts for my students, a deep red leather wallet from my mum, a silly coffee-lover agenda and some pens. Then there's a little umbrella, as we're experiencing very violent and unexpected rainstorms amost every day now, and a silver make-up bag I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. Next we have an iPod cosily carried in an armband, some cheapo sunglasses, travel size of Eucerin body lotion I use for my hands, contact lenses thingy, a small pot of lipgloss with a retractable lip brush, and lastly, a pendrive, because no lady can exist without her USB device ;)

I know the contents are quite practical, but there's no place for superfluous stuff in a bag that accompanies me for up to 12 hours when I'm out... Ok, so I carry a little glass fish n my wallet, completely useless, but it's my lucky token :)

I tag:

And everyone else who fancies doing it! Thanks for stopping by, lovelies xxx


  1. I love the fact you carry the random glass fish!! hehe great!
    Please tell me hon you have a case for your sunglasses and dont just throw them in the bag!!! The bag.. great color! xx

  2. Oh, Tali, I have a sunglasses case but it's more like a little black baggie, so I though I'd remove it for the photo! The bag is really nice, it's one of those faux leather that don't look to plasticky :) xxx

  3. ooooo I thought you were abusing them lol!
    I hope you will have some Slivovic (dont know how to spell it in Polish) for your wedding.. after one or two EVERYONE will be soooo relaxed heheh xxx

  4. Hmm, Tali, I'm afraid that would be too much of a relaxation, like guests sleeping on the tables or something... :) There'll certainly be enough alcohol, no doubt about that. Loved your Illamasqua vid, btw! xxx

  5. thanks for the tag! I'll def do it soon! :) xoxo

  6. A USB drive...THAT'S what i'm missing in my purse ;) great post! i totally understand you needing a large bag, as my sister is a teacher. I'm always on the lookout for a large bag for her to fit her student's papers in! xx

  7. @Michelle: Thank you, sweetie!

    @Aisling: No prob, hun! :)

    @fantastic: Well, yes, my huge collection of clutches contains exactly ONE item :) I also like the look of big bags, but they're killing my spine! xxx

  8. Thanks for the tag my love! I actually did this when I first started my blog! hehe xx

  9. @Daisy: Sorry, I didn't know! Take care xxx