Friday, July 24, 2009

Outfit of the Day

I just couldn't help myself and when I saw this skirt at H&M I knew I had to have it!

I love everything about it: a midnight blue fabric with tiny silver sparkles, the high-waisted cut and the flowiness, the bow at the front and my favorite 60's feel! It's the only skirt I have which you have to wear with a top tucked in, and ironically, I really like that, even though I hated this when I was a little girl :)

As you can see, I paired it with a burnt orange top from Orsay I've had for ages, new black and white disc earrings, my favorite shell cuff and strappy sandals I bought some two weeks ago from C&A for only 55 zlotys or 11 pounds, if you like (these two former elements were added later). This outift proved perfect for the weather outside, as it's scorching hot at the moment!

What's your favorite summer outfit?


  1. I loove that skirt.. and those shoes too. Are they comfortable?? xxx

    ps You have GREAT figure!!

  2. @Tali: Well, the shoes have the right heel height, but the sole is quite hard, so... they're not perfect :( Thank you, sweetie... You basically look like a model! xxx

    @Michelle: Thanks, hun! xxx